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Bringing the Show to More People with iTunes & Mobile Devices

iTunes represents a huge market of potential listeners. Approximately 40% of our audience downloads the show from our iTunes Store. Did you know that you can post your testimonials and comments about the show in an area called Customer Ratings underneath the podcasts? If you like the show and would like to see it expand, taking two minutes to do this helps a great deal. Every comment counts! The more positive comments we receive, the larger the distribution grows.

Premium Podcasts with Multiple Guests

In addition to our weekly podcast, we’re thinking about offering a live, interactive weekly program that features more dynamic interviews and 2-3 guests per show. If you’ve thought about donating but haven’t yet, you may want to consider this scenario. Each segment would have 20 audience members who have paid access to interact with Kim Greenhouse and the guests.

Blog Talk Radio: An Extended Distribution Point

We’re also considering going into syndication via Blog Talk Radio. If you would be interested in their format for hearing It’s Rainmaking Time!®, please let us know.

Thank You to Those Who Have Graciously Donated!

It’s Rainmaking Time!® would like to thank the handful of people who have donated funds to upgrade the studio. When it comes to supporting the show, you’ve put your money where your mouth is. We can’t thank you enough!

We’re still a long way from our goal. In order to produce content that is not advertising-based, audience support is essential. The media networks clearly have leverage in the content producing arena. Even OWN has to rely on JP Morgan Chase and other big corporate advertisers, which. impacts the range of content it can cover. If you want us to continue to speak freely, donating monthly is the best way to make it happen.

The Search for Transcribers and Translators is Still On

It’s Rainmaking Time!® is currently seeking volunteers to transcribe the show into English. Once we have English transcripts, we’ll need French, German, Dutch, and Spanish translations. (We’ll accept translations in any language, but these are our first priorities!)

If you or anyone you know can you transcribe one or two shows a week, contact Kim today.

Hop On the Starship: Advertise With Us

While we are aware that advertising online is still very much in its infancy, getting your offer in front of 25,000 discerning people everyday is terrific for branding. In an upcoming neuromarketing segment with Roger Dooley, he agreed with us that just focusing on clicks is evidence that consumers do not understand the value of continuous exposure for your product, service, or business. For example, pay-per-click advertisers on Facebook get upset when they don’t get many clicks even though their product or company is in front of millions of people every day. We recognize that consumers face a huge learning curve when it comes to understanding how to value their online presence.

We consider ourselves the Nordstrom’s of podcasting. If you have the opportunity to be on the shelf at Nordstrom’s, take it! Get in and make the commitment to be in the store – then deal with how to best invoke consumer sales and confidence.

Have you had a chance to review the advertising options available on It’s Rainmaking Time!® for new products, businesses, and offerings? This is a great opportunity to get in front of professionals in vast number of fields. Download our PDF to learn more about advertising on It’s Rainmaking Time!®

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