July 2013

Nia Vardalos – Big Fat Divine Plans

Nia Vardalos is a rare jewel in the entertainment industry. Recently, she opened the door to her very private world and released a new book called Instant Mom. If you’ve ever felt as if your heart was the key to your happiness and fulfillment, you will feel as if this treasure Nia Vardalos offers up is for you.

July Newsletter

Interview with Nia Vardalos Last week, Kim interviewed Nia Vardalos, who wrote and starred in My Big Fat Greek Wedding. She is also the co-writer of Larry Crowne with Tom Hanks. Nia has just released a blockbuster of a new book called Instant Mom. It’s taking the U.S. and Canada by storm! Two Sponsorship positions […] Read more

“If I take a cup and put it into a trash bag, it is immediately turned to garbage,” Daniel Hathaway says, lamenting the ease with which goods become trash. The “Recycling King” outlines a new paradigm for whole systems waste management, zero waste, and biodynamic agriculture.