A Conversation with A Remote Viewing Master

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Dick Allgire

Dick Allgire – Master Remote Viewer

Dick Allgire is a Professional Remote Viewer who uses his over 3 decades of expertise that allows him to identify specific and highly accurate details about our future.

Dick is Formally known for his award-winning television News Journalism as an anchorman, reporter, and producer over at KITV, an ABC News Affiliate in Hawaii.

He’s considered one of the most gifted Remote Viewers in the world, who has taken his skills and training to found The Future Forecasting Group, a private membership group that allows him and other remarkable Remote Viewers to dedicate full-time to identify yearly and monthly future events of import with uncanny specificity and accuracy.

The Future Forecasting Group Remote Views cryptocurrencies, as well as the changes in the monetary system, along with market outcomes that allow others to take advantage of timing in the buy and sell area of investments.

If you are concerned about events that will be impacting the world and you would like to know more about Mr. Allgires’ work and experience over the many years in his field, this special is for you. Our guest has a low-key way of communicating along with s wonderful sense of humor. He has the kind of magic about him that draws you in.

Don’t miss this extensive discussion with Dick Allgire.

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  • Anne Jan 18, 2024 @ 21:48

    Lots of important information about the future shared in this interview with light and levity. Thanks to both of you.

  • Jason Horan Jan 22, 2024 @ 7:27

    Thanks for sharing. Very important conversation!

  • Adi Jan 23, 2024 @ 18:31

    I thoroughly enjoyed this interview! I loved hearing Dick’s personal story about how he and Mimi met. Super sweet! Thank you both!

  • Roberta Auger Feb 1, 2024 @ 18:23

    I was delighted to watch the show. I’m a psychic life coach and reader this topic is one I’m interested and supportive of.
    I enjoyed it very much. As always Kim you did a great job of pulling it all together.
    Dick’s sharing of his personal life added a great feeling of really getting to see who he is. I think the way you interacted together brought a nice flow to it!
    I’d love to see more shows like this.
    ⭐️⭐️⭐️ ⭐️⭐️

  • Dick Allgire May 16, 2024 @ 12:34

    I loved this amazing conversation with Kim. I was pleasantly surprised at how prepared she was, and our wonderful talk went in many interesting directions. I’m going to listen to it again! Kim is a great interviewer. I was in the business many years, so I appreciate a skillful conversationalist.

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