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Alex Lightman

Alex Lightman

Entrepreneur and author Alex Lightman has his sights fixed on the future. As the Chief Technology Officer of Fortune Nest Corporation, Alex Lightman is the point person for the developing “Silicon Valley” of Bahrain. A member of the board of directors of IPv6 pioneer Inova Technology, Alex Lightman was instrumental in convincing the Department of Defense to adopt the emerging internet protocol. In October 2010, he became the first recipient of the Economist Reader’s Award for his role in the innovation of 4G networks.

In this interview, we cover a wide range of topics, including Alex Lightman’s work in Bahrain, his role in implementing IPv6, marine conservation and whaling, space law and commerce, the Federal Reserve, and why we should end the Cuba trade embargo. This is a wonderful opportunity to meet an influential and multifaceted rainmaker who is dedicated to creating prosperity in the world. Don’t miss it!

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