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Andy Mackie

Andy Mackie

Andy Mackie, who teaches children of all ages to build and play instruments, is the founder of the Andy Mackie Foundation in Washington state. He has a remarkable ability to help children discover their uniqueness. His program improves their sense of self-esteem, lifts their spirits, and encourages them to cooperate with each other. They often become teachers, passing on what they have learned. Andy Mackie has overcome great pain to follow his passion. After being severely injured by a racehorse, surviving several heart attacks, enduring nine major heart surgeries, and suffering through the debilitating side effects of up to 15 simultaneous medications, he decided to try something new.

Instead of medicine, Andy bought harmonicas. He called a school and asked if he could teach kids how to play. So far, he has given away over 16,000 of them.

Andy Mackie is pure magic. Tune in for a heartwarming discussion.

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