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Barbara Harper

Barbara Harper

Birth is a sacred act, and for many women, it is the most important and profound rite of passage in their lives. The natural birth process is in danger of being lost for good in the world of technology and modern obstetrics. Lying in bed and surrendering to every medical intervention in the book can be a technological nightmare. How and where women give birth, who is present in the room, and whom they choose to assist them should always be up to the birthing family. They need clear, correct, and current information in order to understand what is best for the baby and what their choices and rights are regarding how they give birth.

Women know what to do when they are having a baby; more importantly, babies know how to be born. The most important thing that women can do to keep a birth normal is to keep active. Immersion in warm water supports a mother’s ability to move freely, and both eases and quickens the labor process. It also lowers the c-section and medical intervention rates.

Find out what the last 15 years of evidence has demonstrated about the benefits of water birth. The results are remarkable. Families are transformed. A mother who gave birth in water wrote:

“Water birth empowered me. There is a picture of me right after I brought Christopher up to my chest at birth that speaks volumes. It’s not the most beautiful picture of me, but it is the most beautiful picture of the power of birth and strength and the joy of welcoming a new baby. I believe that by empowering women to fight for their rights to give birth the way they want, one woman at a time, one birth at a time, things will change!”

Learn why we must change the way we welcome babies into the world. Join us as we invite in Water Birth International founder Barbara Harper, a steward who is dedicated to ensuring that knowledge about gentle birth choices is available to families for generations to come.

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