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Bill Northern

Bill Northern

Dowsers can locate water and tell us the depth, quantity, mineral content, and more. Those with developed psychic abilities can tap into the past and present to understand what a person is going through. Master dowser and animal communicator Bill Northern is uniquely able to blend these faculties to provide verifiable information about problems an animal is having – “straight from the horse’s mouth”, as it were.

Bill Northern primarily works with dogs and horses. By seeing through the animal’s eyes, feeling their feelings, and learning what is causing them physical or emotional pain, he is able to report back to the client on the animal’s behalf. It may sound shocking, but Kim experienced it herself during her initial conversation with Bill, who confirmed that her dog Dannie was in pain in her front right shoulder.

Although Dr. Rupert Sheldrake from England has spent many years researching – and proving – animal telepathy, we live in a time in which most scientists still reject the possibility. Still, it’s natural to wonder why anyone would prefer to give thousands of dollars to a vet without first seeking help from someone with Bill Northern’s rare gifts and expertise.

Map dowsing has been around for over a hundred years, and while the State of California still claims that there is a shortage of water based on the standard geological cycle, plenty of water is available in every state in the USA. A great deal of what is happening in the world today – including information and tools that can drastically improve our quality of life – is knowable to those with eyes to see. In this segment, Bill Northern reminds us that the world around us is full of unspoken messages – and unheard voices. We do well to pay attention to the faculties and expertise that allow him to do what he does, helping others around the world with their animals.

Join us as Bill Northern shares his experiences as an animal communicator – and discover what you can do for your companions when you can really hear them.

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  • JOHN ELLIOTT Apr 29, 2014 @ 6:43

    It was great to hear Bill Northern comment on his life experiences. i met Bill in the 3rd grade, Warsaw, VA, after moving from East Canton, Ohio. Bill became and still is a BEST friend. My wife and I spent a few days with Bill in Lexington, KY a couple of years ago. The visit was prompted by reactions from classmates after Bill would tell some of his ventures during our annual class reunion dinner. Most of our classmates had a hard time believing any of what Bill was telling us. I always had a curious nature and as a an engineer wanted to find out more about what Bill was doing. We learned so much during our visit with Bill. My wife does much better with the dowsing. No doubt we as humans do not take advantage of the forces around us especially with the use of our angels. Thanks be to God that we have them as believers
    Thanks for the great interview with Bill Northern. I so enjoyed it and have past it along to others.

  • Geo May 1, 2014 @ 11:15

    Hello Kim
    I haven’t even listened to the interview and feel just well ENERGIZED with
    all the possibilities forthcoming…

    I remember going to the Canadian National Exhibition as a kid. I always got to
    the Horse Palace and walked up and down the rows of horse stalls and owner
    stalls (used for staying and showing horses thru out the competition) and felt a
    strange communion with the horses, it really compared to church in that I felt so
    connected to Source. A few times I felt invited in by them and just could look into
    their eyes and mumble greetings ….. Sitting in the Palace we would watch them
    practice and compete, it was a complete respite from the carnival atmosphere
    outside the building.

    Thanks for all you do Kim. Just appreciate your site and You very much

  • Suzanne May 27, 2014 @ 21:02

    I believe in animal communication. This was a very interesting show. I did know there was enough water out there before this show.

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