Carol Pool – Laughter, Lore, and Creative Magic in Glastonbury

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Carol Pool, The Poem Lady

This year, its rainmaking time feels that it is appropriate to include creative artists, storytellers, and musicians as part of the focus of the show. There are so many complex and difficult things going on in the world that, more and more, we find that our listeners benefit from levity, fun, playfulness, and adventure. We’re still continuing with the show’s focus, but will be opening up the creative space, which will better address the needs of the public. Kim Greenhouse kicks off the new year from Glastonbury, England, a place with a magical and mysterious past. Our guest, Carol Pool, was invited to participate in the new expansion of its rainmaking time.

Carol Pool is a poetess, creative artist, minister, and storyteller. She stewards the mystery, the magic, and the wisdom of Glastonbury, and is one of the most spirited creative artists Kim has met to date. Carol leads ceremonies for families whose babies, young children, and adults who have passed away, writing beautiful poetry for family members who have passed on. Every now and then you have a chance to meet someone who really understands the creative, magical realm. When you do, you can’t help but receive the wonderful elevation of the human spirit. We hope you enjoy it as we open 2015!

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  • David Longenhagen Jan 8, 2015 @ 5:10

    Hello, this was such a good interview. i can only hope you can get ms. pool to go with you to lands end, and investigate the legends, and the actuality of the place. the romans had (have) records of well over “700” towns being inundated by the ocean. when taken into account the vast amount of land given to a ” town”, “X” number of farmers per town, blacksmiths, churches, town hall, ect, this lost land out and away from lands end almost went to ireland!
    the merlin legends alone travail the area. the dragons lair is inundated out there! good to hear your having fun.

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