Carol Tanzi – Garbage As Arts And Crafts

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Carol Tanzi, The Goddess of Garbage

Carol Tanzi

In celebration of Earth Day this year, we invited designer Carol Tanzi to join us for a delightful conversation about the rarefied field of turning garbage into design, art and crafts. Carol Tanzi has taken the art to a whole new level of expression by using recycling as part of her professional design practice and teaching children how to creatively use garbage to make art and crafts. While recycling is gaining popularity and as we become more focused on the Earth and this precious ecosystem, the practice of recycling is still growing very slowly. The reason for this is because it seems like all work and no fun. Well, those days are over. Recycling is an art. Recycling is a craft. Recycling is lots of fun.

Join us on Earth Day to celebrate with Carol Tanzi, “The Goddess of Garbage”.

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