It’s one thing to lead when you have the authority to act on your own accord, on behalf of your own team, or, with people in your own country. It’s yet another to lead when you’re forced to be answerable to those people who’re not accountable to you, who have legal power and authority over […] Read more

Wrapping up 2016-Reflections

As 2016 wraps up and moves into 2017 around the world, Kim reflects the recent and unexpected passing of celebrities like Carrie Fischer and her mother Debbie Reynolds, David Bowie, Prince and George Michael and talks about the importance of knowing the unique times we’re living in and why we must take a deeper look […] Read more

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone

Dear Listeners, Though today is the day of Thanksgiving distinctiveness in the USA, may all of your days be filled with thankfulness, sweetness, togetherness and the fullness of knowing that there is always plenty of clean fresh water and healthy organic food in your midst. May you never go without and may you never experience […] Read more