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Carol Pate leads a most unusual and rare life as one of the worlds’ top psychics specializing in the area of solving crimes related to murders. Carol would identify where the bodies are located, if the person was alive or dead and describe the person or persons who carried out the crimes in detail. Not […] Read more

For the first time in many years, on July 13th, 2024 Kim is conducting an upcoming Webinar that’s the kick off of a series of Webinars to assist people at this time in history in successfully navigating the coming multifaceted world system changes in the area of well being, leadership, business and community. Below, you […] Read more

Glyphosate is one of the most toxic chemicals on earth that has been allowed to spread throughout just about all living systems and environments. Not only does it destroy micro-organisms, bacteria, the microbiome, protein synthesis; but it significantly degrades the body’s ability to use and transport sulphur.  It’s a destructive chelator and it has a […] Read more

In this next podcast commentary, Kim finds herself reflecting on many profound concerns and questions, not only within the realm of AI technology, but also within the personal corridors of her life experiences. In her latest talk for “It’s Rainmaking Time!”, originally planned as a commentary about AI into the transformative and disruptive world of […] Read more

Due to the apparent crisis at the Texas US Border and the influx of what appears to be a well-organized mass migration into the US (via Texas), that’s heating up all over the United States, along with masses of immigrants coming into other borders along the entire United States border, with little to no oversight, […] Read more