Christopher Monckton – The Climate Change Treaty at Copenhagen

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Christopher Monckton

Christopher Monckton

Lord Viscount Christopher Monckton of the Science & Public Policy Institute joins us live from the Copenhagen Climate Conference to share his take on the new international power deal being sealed in Denmark. The focus of this conference is the introduction of one of the most critical international frameworks outside of the Lisbon Treaty, the EU, and the new call for a world banking system and currency.

If you want to hear the single most controversial figure in the climate change arena – one who is well-grounded in the evolution of the IPCC and the science itself, who understands and has read the new legal framework which is about to be signed – please tune in as Christopher Monckton gives us an insider’s look at the Copenhagen climate treaty.

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  • springbreeze Dec 12, 2009 @ 14:59

    Lord Monckton is a blessing. Thank you for giving him this opportunity to speak.

  • Tony Andrew Dec 12, 2009 @ 16:06

    “It is the privalige of truth to be heard” Ralph Waldo Emerson

  • Rhys Jaggar Dec 13, 2009 @ 4:08

    Hopefully this is a ‘truth virus’ which will spread enlightenment to as many are prepared to embrace truth…..

    I think that the UN being allowed to set up treaties is unacceptable. It is a medium to determine international concensus and express international outrage. It is NOT a Governmental organisation, as it is not elected.

    What this will lead to , eventually, is a 21st century peasant revolution, but this time its leaders will not be seeking power, but rather to return power to their communities.

    Rules of reality:
    1. You will never become a member of the UN/EU establishment if you behave like a sentient, questioning adult. You must be a member of the congregation who, through masonic behaviour, may hope to rise up to become one of the new priesthood.
    2. Every word you write on internet blogs will be monitored by them and you will be hounded by ad hominem attacks, monitoring of your telephone and emails, use of ambulances and police vehicles to flash sirens at you whenever you venture out. Believe me, it happens. It’s happened to me. Forget taxpayers’ money being used on law and order or healthcare. It’s being used to bully and intimidate democratic citizens.
    3. If you try to enjoy a life independently, humbly but run according to your own rules, psychopaths will be deputed to attack your emotional stability. It is the greatest crime on earth, to decide to go it alone, to enjoy mountaineering alone, to ski alone and to CHOOSE ONE’S OWN CAREER. If I were to provide the details of this in its entirety, very senior figures across UK society would suffer reputational collapse. I have tried mercy several times, and it does not work. The only remaining choices are humiliation through the international media; and violence.
    4. There is nothing wrong with a world outlook where Government is concerned. For there are SOME issues which DO require global co-ordination. What is wrong is unaccountable world Government at the micromanagement level.
    5. There is nothing wrong with wanting sustainability.

    Please keep going on this. The tide is starting to turn.

    And even if the fascists win this time, which I do not believe that they will, it is imperative that enough people can carry the truth in their hearts and pass it down to their children, so that when the fascism collapses, as it always does, that the accumulated knowledge will not have been lost.

    • Kim Greenhouse Dec 21, 2009 @ 7:10

      Thank you for your expansive comment. I am sure that many who read it who have been there will appreciate from where it comes.

  • Pops Dec 13, 2009 @ 4:33

    Just a note: The stream link doesn’t seem to work in Firefox (version 3.6)… yes, it’s the beta version. The link works in IE8.

    Monckton is good, though, isn’t he?

    Great site, by the way.

  • Carrie McLaren-Jones Dec 17, 2009 @ 4:23

    Big Brother is here. Lord Monckton is a highly intelligent man and I agree with him totally. Climate change is a natural phenomenon and it is now being used to make money from many brainwashed people. Don’t be one of them!

  • Adam Cassidy Dec 28, 2009 @ 2:31


    I think you just reinvented radio for me.

    Lord Monckton puts it all together, and it mirrors what we see all around us – bureaucracies out of control, existing to perpetuate themselves, their only product being taxation for profit.

    Once a country’s bureaucracy grows to the limit of its reasonable necessity, it must seek to invent new revenue streams – a co2 tax, essentially a tax on breathing itself, realizes this in such an all encompassing fashion, you get Global Government thrown into the deal as a bonus!

    The west needs to get its head out of its ass, start working on renewable energy – even nuclear if necessary – and kick our oil habit.

    From there we share this technology with the rest of the world, making friends around the globe again, and pulling the rug out from anyone seeking to blackmail our economies with oil – from without OR within.

    This will also ease pollution, which is still a concern regardless of the whole CO2 debacle.

    The Middle East will remain to figure itself out, with oil as a valuable commodity for their own economy and for export, but not at the exorbitant rates that cause so much strife, avarice and terror today.

    We’d be there already if we’d spent the last ten years spending 10 trillion dollars on THAT, instead of random mass genocide in the Middle East. God help us all.

    Your show is like nothing I have ever heard, anywhere, ever. Keep it up!!

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