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Clayton Nolte

Over the last 10 years, the market has been deluged with information about water – some false, some true – in order to address increasing public interest and concern. It’s Rainmaking Time!® has produced 8 segments on water since 2004, and it is imperative that we continue our coverage of this important subject. It’s an exciting (and confusing) time for consumers seeking information about water. Some of it has been known for the last 50 years and has been kept out of the public light. We invited Clayton Nolte, the founder of Natural Action Water, to talk with us about some of the most important aspects of water that have come to his attention. As a former military man with a classified clearance, Clayton Nolte has had a unique chance to learn about water with a massive budget to do research and development.

This segment touches on many aspects of water, including ionization, water frequency and composition, praying over and thanking water, water pH, machines, pipes, and devices, its molecular structure, how it gets into our cells, and so much more. If you’re interested in learning more about water, join us with Clayton Nolte for a wonderful opportunity!

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  • armida diaz Aug 1, 2012 @ 9:41

    i would like to know more about this water subject.

    • Kim Greenhouse Aug 1, 2012 @ 17:47

      Feel free to listen to the other water segments that are below this one and also, you can search for them in the search box. There is a great deal to learn and to enjoy about water. It’s truly fascinating to behold. Thank you for listening. Kim Greenhouse

  • connie Aug 5, 2012 @ 22:07

    You can call Water For Life at 800-346-4672. Kim gives this number at the end of the show. Clayton’s site is an information only site.

  • Michael Hess Aug 19, 2012 @ 14:32

    Kim, I have been interested in water for a long time. About 20 years ago I bought a Stipit sp? from a friend. It looked like a swizzle stick and setting it in or twirling it in a liquid for a scant minute seemed to change the taste of the liquid. I ran a test with 30 colleagues using fresh tea and Stipit stirred tea. Twenty-six could tell the difference—some liking one or the other better. I snuck a quick stir in a friend’s beer once when he left for the loo and when he returned he took one quaff and accusingly asked me what I had done to his beer. Although no bubbles escaped any stirred beer, the fizz was always less. The stick seemed to make cheap wine taste better. Spirits seemed less sharp. Unfortunately I lost the thing and only recently found some gizmo called a Stir Wand (with some volcanic rock in it and at four times the price!) that purports similar properties. The stipit was supposedly from Germany and used some sort of metal. It was claimed to clean ponds of slime overgrowth when the inlet was through a pipe made of the material. Haven’t a clue if anything I experienced or read about the things is true but I do know I was impressed with my experiences.

    I live by the sense that most solutions in life are subtly simple so I wonder if the waters of your two scientists, Mr. Nolte and Mr. Nelson, aren’t quite the same. If simplicity doesn’t rule the universe, then wouldn’t the complexities have overwhelmed our ancient brethren who often seemed to draw conclusions only our science wizards are now inventing? Lasers, lost ancient waters, rare water, Whirling Dervishes—I find the first three befuddling so I lean more towards the dance of Mr Nolte. Besides, I have recollections of water memory and water’s spinning energy from an old lady that have long stirred in the back of my mind since early childhood.

    Ms Greenhouse, you have enhanced my retirement these past few months though my poor house is become far less fit for guests which some of the rude didn’t think was possible. I am thinking of getting a half litre of Dr Nelson’s water and then possibly the travel version of Mr Nolte’s water spinner. Then I can compare and science will be better served. Getting the Water Wand is now on the back burner; at least until you get interested and do a piece on it.

  • Michael Hess Sep 8, 2012 @ 14:08

    Clayton Nolte has just brought out a new line of structured water units that ‘dynamically enhance’ the structured water further. I have also read on his site that the presence of volcanic rock, palladium and platinum ‘being paramagnetic, meaning their magnetic field can influence biological organisms & water’ in a positive way. This might be what is in the Water Stirwand or the Stipit I had used years ago.

    I am fortunate to have bided my time in purchasing Dr Nolte’s unit but I shall be able to order it mid-month. In the meantime, I have being using Dan Nelson’s Wayback water with good results in rehydration and then with ingesting borax powder (about a week ago) and then Lugol’s iodine 2.5% (three days ago, 3.5ml daily) I am experiencing greater improvements to my skin—the ultra fine line wrinkles in my hands are filling out (my hands look quite chubby in comparison to the way they have been for months now), my eczema (almost two years) and painfully cracked heals (two months) are suddenly healing and the painful cracks are filling in with healthy skin and more strangely, my weight is coming down even as my appetite and food intake have suddenly increased.

    It is very rare for such dynamic changes to occur whenever I have tried any natural changes for my health. Taking magnesium is the only health item that has shown such dynamic results. We are all individuals in these matters. Only my mum showed dynamic improvement with the magnesium (she lived twenty more years while her two sisters failed our heed and died years before her from the same heart ailment*). None of my family nor any friends who claimed to have tried taking magnesium supplements saw any changes to their physical or mental being.
    * She died when placed in a live-in apartment in hospital assessment for independent living. She was not allowed to bring any non-approved food or nutritional items with her so her magnesium sat on the counter at home. Had I known, I would have flown home and snuck it to her.)

    To test your sensitivity to magnesium, I suggest taking a good number of tablets or Milk of Magnesia on an empty stomach with warm water. Write out a line or two before taking the magnesium and then do the same half an hour or so later. If your handwriting improves, is easier to read and the letters better and more consistently formed, then you need regular doses of it. Many knowledgeable nutritionists understand that most people do not get enough of this vital mineral.

  • Julie Thompson Apr 25, 2013 @ 22:20

    Kim, I just ‘found’ you. You are an exceptional interviewer. Thank you for your contribution! I learned much more about Clayton’s product and ideas because of your skills. I just signed up for the newsletter. I hope this will keep me plugged into other interviews you conduct. – Julie

  • Delores Jul 18, 2013 @ 10:00


  • Mary Kloman Aug 25, 2013 @ 6:51

    Did Clayton say that fluoride is not really removed from water by filtering it because filtering it does not remove the memory?  And did he say that his device removes the fluoride from water?

  • Cyndi Jan 23, 2014 @ 15:26

    Kim, Thanks for this great interview with Clayton. You addressed some of the simple AND scientific questions. Good to hear him talk about radiation and some results with his units in Japan. We have a portable unit for 2 years and it has been all over the US and India.

    Travel Tip: when flying, carry some sort of plastic or collapsible cup with you so you can get water from a sink or fountain and pour it through the unit. We bring an empty water bottle of our own through security, then buy water or use a fountain to fill it up, with a cup, after you come through security. If you forget to bring a cup, save get one from food stand or save one from the airplane.

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