Conversational Infusions With Don Mei, The True Tea Whisperer

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Don Mei of Mei Leaf

Don Mei of Mei Leaf

Join us on a captivating podcast episode where Don Mei, a renowned tea connoisseur and curator, takes us through the verdant fields of tea history, culture, and the subtle art of brewing. In a world brimming with digital distractions, Don rekindles our connection with the ancient rituals that bring solace and mindfulness into our daily lives.

Don Mei isn’t just the proprietor of the prestigious Mei Leaf but a storyteller who narrates the tale of each leaf from its roots to the rich brew in our cups. His family’s legacy, spanning over half a century in the tea industry, has imbued him with a profound understanding and appreciation for this timeless beverage.

Whether you’re a tea aficionado or someone whose journey with tea is just beginning, this interview is a treasure trove of insights. Discover the transformative power of tea, not only as a drink but as a medium for health, wellness, and community.

Don’t miss this extraordinary episode where we explore the essence of tea that transcends borders and unites us in a shared experience of serenity and joy.

Interested in embarking on your own tea journey? Visit to explore a world of premium teas and tea-ware curated by Don Mei himself.

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  • Anne Feb 16, 2024 @ 10:34

    Loved, loved this one!

    Many years ago, while I was travelling, I was gifted Sri Lankan grown tea not sold in North America. I recall that the flavour profile being completely different from grocery store tea bags like Salada and Red Rose. The tea wasn’t particularly expensive. I think what I enjoyed about it was its freshness and cultivation for the local / surrounding market.

  • OCTeahead Feb 26, 2024 @ 11:37

    Great interview, Kim! I always enjoy hearing from the person who got me started on my tea journey in 2018. Don’s passion is infectious and he communicates his knowledge in an effective and humble way. He also has a talent for bringing people together and building a sense of community. Tune in to a Mei Leaf Wednesday Live Session on YouTube (7:30pm London time) and you’ll see 200+ teaheads not just listening to Don and Celine, but chatting among(st) themselves. And not just about tea – we talk food, travel, philosophy, movies, and on and on. But it was tea that brought us together. I am impressed enough with Don and the entire Mei Leaf family that when deciding on a destination for my “big” retirement trip, I picked London, just to have tea with Don and meet Celine, Nola, Annie, and the “pu-boys”.

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