Dane Wigington – Geoengineering: The End of All Life

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Dane Wigington

Dane Wigington

Our investigation of geoengineering continues with a stunning segment featuring Dane Wigington, the founder and lead researcher at GeoEngineering Watch. A solar energy expert and a former Bechtel Power Corporation employee, Dane Wigington assisted Michael Murphy in the production of the award-winning 2010 documentary What in the World are They Spraying? His off-grid solar home in Mt. Shasta, California was featured in a cover article for Home Power, the world’s largest renewable energy magazine.

Dane Wigington began researching meteorology and atmospheric change in the late 90s. He noticed that the persistent trails (or chemtrails) and grid patterns made by aircraft were blocking up to 80% of his home’s solar charging capacity. His research led him to the subjects of stratospheric aerosol geoengineering and solar radiation management.

While it is touted as a methodology for making the climate cooler, in fact geoengineering is destroying ecosystems all over the world. When he began regularly lab-testing rain samples in 2002, Dane was shocked to find large and escalating quantities of the same heavy and near-heavy metals described in numerous geoengineering patents. He also noted that the ever-increasing quantity of these toxic metals had a significant impact on the environment, accelerating tree mortality and the decline of insect and amphibian populations.

For the last decade, Dane Wigington has dedicated his life to expose the short- and long-term threats posed by geoengineering, including massive plant and animal die-off and escalating human health concerns. Dane’s research and documentation on atmospheric spraying programs and other weather modification technologies is publicly available at GeoEngineering Watch. Of particular interest is a 1996 government document titled Weather as a Force Multiplier: Owning the Weather in 2025, which describes the military’s weaponization of weather and its use in warfare. Tune in as Dane Wigington guides us through the details of his findings and the progress of the growing geoengineering activism movement.

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  • david longenhagen Mar 10, 2014 @ 8:23

    Hello,Ii believe the true question is why would someone, some group want to poison the earth? the question poses bothe the concept and need to divide the answer into reality and possibility. there is no good reason to destroy your home, and this leave the concept, “well they are doing it, and they are blaming the rest of the population so….” it is not the realm of conspiracy theory, it is real, someone is terraforming the earth. Who? For what reason? Great interview but now what?

    • Mary Mar 10, 2014 @ 9:32

      Maybe there is an extraterrestrial component for whom poison to us is not poison to them.

  • LCD Mar 10, 2014 @ 19:29

    What a FABULOUS interview!
    This issue supersedes EVERYTHING else!
    Dane Wigington is an extremely brave and intelligent hero, risking his life for all of us!
    If only we had more like him!
    Just sent it to many in govt. and others
    He is 100% right on the mark and the most knowledgable speaker/person on this issue.
    What now….. Get beyond the cynicism, stop mulling or fluttering, take this very important issue/information seriously, and share it with others, including your representatives. Demand the funding for this insanity be stopped. It is what we call “people power!”
    Like Dane said, it can not be ignored or covered up much longer! But, by then, it will be too late.
    THANK YOU SO MUCH, Kim & Dane!

  • mhikl Mar 11, 2014 @ 17:37

    Kim, you and your visitor, Dane Wigington, may not intend to frighten (only to inform) but frightened is indeed my reaction. I do not know to what extent this practice is happening over Canada but I am old enough to remember what aeroplane trails used to be like and how I would watch as they ethereally disappeared. I suspect if this is some sort of engineering by national governments, it must be worldwide. But how can every democratically conscious country be part of this, save the few such as Pakistan and Thailand which we perceive in less enlightened ways?

    I can take charge of my health by what I eat and drink, the water I use, how I prepare my food and being attuned to my spirit. But the effects from this is beyond anyone’s control and easily leaps from the realm of conspiracy to genocide. Because of your information on the Fukushima nuclear disaster I now make my own Lugol’s iodine. But, whatever can we make or buy to protect us from this other terror from the air? I doubt this problem is one that can be solved with pills or drops or the likes of special water units.
    Honestly, after this interview and the knowledge gained about ice ages, the coming ice age isn’t so scary compared to what is being wrought from this flying nightmare.

    I do hope you can get Tim Ball (controlled) and the climatologists together with Dane Wigington. I’d pull up a seat. Hopefully Dane and the participating climatologists would listen to each other’s IRMT interviews to become familiar with each other’s points of view, calm down, and then work together rather than beating each other up. Our species is at times a competitive lot but this is such an important issue these august scientists can overcome this Achilles heel. This could make for one of the greatest of great IRMT interviews!
    I suspect Judy Wood, would be a great part of this discussion or discussions. Didn’t similar methods of control effectively initiate 9/11?

    Veering off topic and back to being frightened:
    At the moment I am sitting in a stew of hopelessness for this good interview of yours suggests that it is now too late, that there is nothing we can do, and if that is the case, the ostrich solution may be our only way to get any peace; but, ever the optimist, I am now going to revisit your interviews on climate and Global Warming and geoengineering. You obviously are as seriously concerned as can be for you forgot to break for any message. Both you and Dane are true caring spirits.

    I agree with LCD that Mr Wigington is a noble man. He is in the same league, though better tamed in emotion, as Ignaz Semmelweis, one of my true heroes.
    Namaste and care,
    PS Mary’s idea of aliens crossed my mind. However, I was hoping they might come to help, out of caring, to put an end to the madness.

    • Kim Greenhouse Mar 11, 2014 @ 20:48

      Dear (I don’t know your name) aka: “mhikl”,

      I so appreciate your response to this interview. I went through the fear and have come to acceptance. Until you get to acceptance, you can’t really move forward with this information. It’s kind of like learning that your spouse is a PSYCHOPATH. You go through rejection, disbelief, hurt, anger and then, Acceptance.

      I accept that networks of PSYCHOPATHS are playing GOD with the Planet & All Living Things. Disassociated Beings are at the helm of this Worldwide Operation. Acceptance does not mean feeling defeated, hopelessness or too defeated to respond. You are right. It’s totally overwhelming. Geoengineering is witnessed in all NATO countries.

      We did several shows about this subject with totally different people, a few years ago and it was overwhelming then. Speaking with Dane is like getting on a fast moving jet that is delivering the message, “WE ARE BEING ATTACKED”. It’s a Bird. NO! It’s a Plane. NO! It’s a MONSTROUS WORLDWIDE GENOCIDAL OPERATION. YES!

      I sat with my sisters today for lunch, (which is always a blast) and one of my sisters listened to this segment. She told me that she could not listen to any more than 30 minutes of it because she was frustrated and felt hopeless, because our guest offered no solutions to this problem. She represents so many millions upon millions of people on this earth. How many of us have to go through hopelessness and frustration before we realize that solutions will come forth if we ask for them and move on them. How many people on earth have a solution to EATING AND DRINKING METAL PARTICULATES & NANOTECHNOLOGY? That’s what geoengineering is spraying on all living things.

      Here’s a show about discovery, breakthroughs, solutions and opening up expansive conversation and you’re right, we did not even put in an advertisement in this segment. Who could stop the fast moving plane carrying such important information to the public? The bandwidth of Dane is tremendous, along with his courage and eloquence. Most of us who are aware truly know what’s happening. It’s so obvious that if most of us really called it for what it is, we would realize that if we don’t do what we can, we face the destruction of life earth’s ecosystem. If you combine the GMO seeds, GMO food and GMO chemicals, the 24/7 aerosol spraying, the deliberate poisoning of our water with science they used back in NAZI Germany and the forced vaccinations of our children in order for them to be accepted into the school system, School food and Drugged Drinking water that rots their teeth and makes them sick, yes, it’s all plenty scary. This is also why we don’t cover these horrors much on the show. Why?

      Because we are alive at a time in history where we are witnessing an exponentiating broad spectrum of deliberate acts of MASS GENOCIDE in the name of “HELPING US”.

      We cover health, science and spirituality so that future generations of plants, animals and people may have a chance at whatever life may be possible for them. We cover ancient subjects so that people may remember who we are and what we are here for. We cover entertainment to give you levity and other subjects to soothe your soul. Unfortunately, my sister received the GENOCIDE DATA a few days ago. It’s a very painful thing to hear, let alone to absorb.

      It’s Time to Take Our Lives & This Planet Back!

      Invite me to speak to your communities.

      I will share what we have to do with those who have ears to hear.

      It’s Rainmaking Time!


      • mhikl Mar 12, 2014 @ 14:10

        Dear Kim,
        Thank you for your heart felt thoughts to my post on Dane Wigington’s report on geoengineering-chemtrails. I cannot make a detailed response to your reply as I, too, am overwhelmed with this latest IRMT interview (and the documentary) to the point of being emotionally numb and drained. (Your professional experience stood you well to the onslaught of scary information.) Your other podcasts have been feasts-on-a-stick for mind and spirit. This was a blood transfusion, organs transplant and liposuction experience and I need time to come to terms with my new and fewer parts. It took me four hours to listen to your podcast, nearly three to watch the chemtrail documentary, both of which I had to keep backtracking, repeating and pausing for thought or to just catch my breath. The experience has seriously been like studying a foreign language document with rudimentary skills whilst being rooted in the chair of the dentist from “Little House of Horrors” :-). Both were hammers to enlightenment and I do seek enlightenment any way I can get it.

        I will further comment on this podcast as recovery takes place and as I come to terms with the ramifications of this new understanding.

        I have also sent you a private short email with this and another thought which I hope you have time to read. You must be overwhelmed with email.
        Namaste and care,
        Michael, (aka mhikl)

  • Stan Johnson Mar 12, 2014 @ 9:52

    great interview Kim have known about this for a long time, Would love to see this man back on your show in a discussion with the other experts. He’s spot on with his facts.

  • Stan Johnson Mar 12, 2014 @ 10:03

    A couple of Christmas’s ago I had a discussion with my nephew who insisted it was a natural occurrence and that the unusual weather we were getting was something that had happened many times in the past. He smugly asserted that he had a masters degree in geography so who as I to contradict it. Well he may have a masters degree in geography but he doesn’t have one in common sense or internet surfing so I guess I’m one up on that statement.

    • mhikl Mar 12, 2014 @ 13:58

      Your last statement, Stan, is most poignant. “. . . but he doesn’t have one in common sense or internet surfing . . .”
      Too many times I see the internet as denigrated for its substance. A doctor being interviewed on CBC radio explaining the necessity for vaccinations to new borns and children blamed the internet for pubic ignorance. I remember when encyclopaedia and the public library were the blame to ignorance.

      I would like to use your thought in further postings I make on the internet.
      Namaste and care,

  • isabelle Mar 15, 2014 @ 1:07

    I have always thought that Aliens who have lost or ruined their planet are ruining our Earth for us so they can take it over and have us out of the way…what is poison to us is not poison to them

  • Duane Erickson Feb 14, 2015 @ 7:35

    Inventor/Researcher into Man’s Beginnings:
    To learn and deal with today’s problems we must study the intelligence behind them. You will discover that everything earthly has intelligence, but only having been endowed the sufficient degree of intelligence to fulfill their earthly creation.
    However, the Beyond Earthly Man has a much higher degree of inherited intelligence. You see, intelligence is not learned, but is inherited. It is totally impossible from an offspring to inherit intelligence from a parent who never had it in the first place. Like Science is attempting to teach the world. The problem is that the Man Family interbred with the Animals around 3000 BC., thus inhansing the intelligence of the earthly Animal man or Man of Nature. For more on this feel free to contact me, as what I have to offer come from the Family of Man, and has begun to come forth in these the Latter-Days of the Man Families Earthly experience.

    • mhikl Feb 15, 2015 @ 21:42

      Duane, I am not sure what you are getting at. Sound interesting.

      However, intelligent human beings seem to have been around for much, much longer than 5 000 years. It is most likely the great pyramids are more than twice that age, the Sphinx somewhat longer and other great monoliths longer yet. And intelligence to construct such projects for purposes we may now only be coming to realise, did not occur over night. Or did it?

      We may have spent hundreds of thousands of years as bumbling creatures, (there are other hypotheses, (David Talbott’s—Symbols of an alien sky https://www.thunderbolts.info/wp/ ) at first without fire and having only crude weapons before we evolve to greater consciousness.

      Art seems to have appeared, at the same time around the world, about 40 000 years ago—so does art not indicate a consciousness beyond the animal, possibly our leap to full consciousness? And why was the appearance universal? or at least across the world where contact and interaction would not seem possible.

      I am not sure how we contact each other from this site.
      Namaste and care,
      Note: I was able to find your same name with another initial who was studying Biblical history, a topic that does not interest me.

      • thorfourwinds Jul 11, 2015 @ 13:18

        Unfortunately, Duane is attempting to derail this important information.

        Dear Duane, whatever you are selling/preaching/whatever has no bearing on this subject at this moment, if you please.

        However, we would like to hear Your comments directly relating to geoengineering and chemtrails.

        With great respect,
        EARTH AID – The Concert to Save All Life On Earth

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