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Daniel Matt

Daniel Matt

The Zohar (Sefer ha-Zohar), meaning “radiance” or “splendor”, is the mystical commentary on the Bible and the five books of Moses. Daniel Matt, formerly a Professor of Jewish Spirituality at the Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley and the author of The Essential Kabbalah, has undertaken the first translation of the Zohar directly from Aramaic. Daniel Matt’s translation will be quite different in its nuances and practices than today’s modern Kabbalistic teachings. His purpose is to make the Zohar more accessible to the public. Funded by the Pritzker Foundation, The Zohar Project will yield the Pritzker Edition of the Zohar – a monumental 12-book set based on a wide range of original manuscripts. Tune in as we delve into the fascinating and inscrutable world of Jewish mysticism with Daniel Matt!

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