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David Morgan

David Morgan

Silver Investor‘s David Morgan empowers people in the area of money, mining, and metals. He is the author of Get The Skinny on Silver Investing and The Morgan Report. His 30+ years of experience in metals and his understanding of monetary history help us understand a unique window of opportunity.

Although OPEC and Central Banks are not known for hoarding silver, it is very valuable. It is used in so many industrial applications and devices. The demand for silver exceeds the available above the ground supply. Silver is not just an industrial metal; it is real money.

Silver is referenced in almost all of the holy books as money. It is mined as a by-product of copper, lead, zinc, and gold, and is one of the most overlooked and underestimated investments in the world. David Morgan tells us what we need to know about silver that will allow us to make timely investment decisions.

Silver is beckoning our attention. Fiat currency is on its way to the fiat cemetery. It’s time for a new paradigm for investment strategies.

To learn more about investing in silver, Silver Investor can be of great help to you. Join us as David Morgan gives us the skinny on silver investing!

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