Delores Logsdon – Stories From the Great Depression

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Delores Logsdon is a mother, grandmother, and the author of So You Hate to Cook. This remarkable nonagenarian lived through the first Great Depression and has many wonderful stories to share with us about motherhood, business, and helping individuals and families in troubled times for over 60 years.

We so rarely get to hear from the sages of our time. Delores Logsdon is like a modern-day Mother Theresa – a living legacy of the power of faith to carry us through the greatest personal challenges. Her husband died suddenly after a few short years of marriage, leaving Delores to raise five children alone. She spent most of her life helping young pregnant mothers, raising children, and running her own restaurants. She also got heavily into real estate, made and lost a great fortune, and lived to tell about it.

After a quadruple bypass, her life has slowed down considerably. Although she can barely walk these days, her spirit is strong. If we encourage her to finish her next book about the Great Depression, maybe she will be motivated to give it to us. Delores Logsdon is an inspiration, and it is my pleasure (and honor!) to interview her and partake in the wisdom she has gained throughout her life.

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  • Kim Dec 21, 2011 @ 11:43

    Delores logsdon rocks!

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