Donna Steenkamp – Restoring the U.S. Real Estate Market

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Donna Steenkamp

Donna Steenkamp

In 2010, Donna Steenkamp and her family lost their home to HSBC in an illegal foreclosure. Like many other homeowners who have had their homes confiscated, she found herself bewildered and angry, unsure of the best course of action to help her family and get back on her feet. How was this allowed to happen in the United States? When over 15 law firms turned down her case, Donna Steenkamp redirected her frustration into studying real estate, consumer, contract, and securities law, and how they intertwined – and was able to represent herself in both Federal and District courts.

As she dug deeper, Donna Steenkamp discovered a startling problem. Over 85% of the county land records are incorrect, and over 80 million land titles are clouded because of the securitization of home loans, MERS, robo-signing, and fabricated, false, and missing recorded documents. Worse yet, none of the settlements, lawsuits, OCC and Federal Reserve investigations addressed how to fix the damage. Although title companies were insuring around these problems, a good title cannot be derived from a bad one. As a result, over 80 million people think they own their property – but a clouded title makes that an impossibility.

Owning real estate is a major investment. Knowing exactly what you own is vital to true and accurate ownership. To that end, Donna Steenkamp’s patented 3-step remedy is the only legal solution to clearing clouded titles and beginning to repair county land records across the country. The 3rd step in her process is ITR Certification: a new type of title certification indicating that the title has been thoroughly researched by certified title abstractors, went through the legal action (quiet title) by a network of licensed attorneys in each state, and then registered in the ITRC Registry as being certified that all information is accurate and clear title can be obtained.

MERS swept across the nation like a plague – but the antidote is finally here. Join us with Donna Steenkamp and pick up where we left off with Dave Krieger (the author of Clouded Titles) in 2012.

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  • mhikl Jun 18, 2014 @ 18:48

    What a great interview. The lady has kept her wits about her when most are so flummoxed by their nightmare they become steeped in anguish and paralysed by the hurt. Where are the state representatives in all this? Are the elected there for the people who elect them or are they for the agenda of the corporate world? Is it just business as usual regardless how innocent people are suffering? (The answer to these question seems pretty obvious.)

    I can understand why so many bury their heads in the sands against so many of the calamities caused by the corporate world and governments—contentedly joined at the back like symbiotic entities. We are indoctrinated into believing that the state (government systems), the medical system, Big Pharma with its huge research budgets, the whole corporate system of big business, law enforcement, the school system, etc., have the interests of the people in mind. Nothing could be further from the truth. Schools and possibly many in the medical professions are as confused as we are but their livelihoods prosper by the confusion, and denial is far easier than confronting presumed truths. Money is not made from healthy people, and the schools are frustrated by the attacks on their profession, institutions, and so many policies are made that prevent them teaching from the heart of knowledge. As a former teacher I saw and experienced this in stellar colours.

    Kim, it took until recently for me to fully comprehend the lessons from Chomsky, Said, Zinn, Chris Hedges (all wonderfully caring people) and so many others. I thought until recently that many of their ideas were just a tad ‘radical’. But that is what indoctrination does and what is reinforced by media, professionals and legislators we so depend upon. Even our friends are so in denial that support to discussion and action is lacking there.
    Denial is safety from distressing thought.

    Fortunately with the support of RainmakingTime, and continuing my reading, and youtube searches on many worthy warriors, to my soul I now firmly have the understanding that our world is in grave distress. I believe it was Chomsky’s statement in one of his latest lectures that was my tipping point. He noted that there has never been a Democracy that has not evolve into a Plutocracy. It is inevitable. I knew this fact from earlier studies but it had not taken hold to the deepest part of the soul. I now firmly believe we are well on our way to that graveyard.
    There is a vast difference between knowing and understanding.

    For the life of me I cannot understand how these people cannot see the damage the power-holding interests are doing to people, to children, to the structure of the family unit (in all its variations) which is the foundation of every civil society.

    Still, we must all do our best to inform others. I am a yappy guy and accost anyone I might possibly raise an interest to many subjects covered at RainMaking, from Primal eating, thinking & health; our Electric Universe, politics, economics & weather, the Paranormal, Rupert Sheldrake’s Morphic Resonance discoveries, the interconnectivity of our universe and the knowledge of non-locality of mind & consciousness and the continuance of life beyond now. I see all these topics and more as wholly interconnected. When I look at peer review and the wacky way science is being performed I figure that if classic science does not need to abide by the rules it set out for itself, (particularly the scientific method and reproduction of proofs, reinforced by the failure of success in predictions), yet the new purveyors of knowledge I have mentioned do so abide, then knew science is the confident science and there will I trek.

    Namaste and care,

  • Paris Dube' Aug 10, 2015 @ 11:36

    I was referred to Donna by a mutual friend, Constance d’Angelis. I am also a paralegal. I have battled for the last few years regarding my home. I have experience in AOM and title work via bankruptcy. I found a fraudulent AOM in my case and took it to court and we won. It was deemed fraud. Now I am attempting to get a clear title. There are further twists that cloud the title but they are all shady and fabricated.

    I need a bit of help on this last leg of the fight.

    My number is 813-498-7289 and email My website is

    Thank you,

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