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Dr. André Kruger

Dr. André Kruger

Dr. André Kruger, “The Fast Doctor”, is the manager of the Hoogland Health Hydro, a fasting retreat in South Africa. After the Hydro was established in 1976, Dr. Kruger went to medical school to better serve its guests. As a complementary health practitioner, his philosophy of medical practice is a synthesis of both orthodox and alternative medicine. After spending many years researching the mechanisms that unlock the body’s natural healing ability, Dr. Kruger concluded that true wellness can only be achieved by getting rid of what makes us unwell. He found that fasting with water is the most effective way to do so. Using an “active” approach to fasting that eliminates toxins through sweating, Dr. Kruger helps people to adjust their lifestyle habits and support the body’s innate ability to heal itself. Join us with Dr. Andre Kruger, the author of Health Won, as we explore the details and health benefits of active fasting.

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  • Ann Apr 24, 2013 @ 7:24

    I liked this interview. I myself have benefited from fasting and I am familiar with Dr Kruger from the fastingconnection. His advice regarding fasting is generally good and I have found that his method of active fasting (using elimination cycles) is much more effective and pleasant than the resting fast that doctors like Herbert Shelton prefer.

    What I don’t understand is this: why is Dr Kruger so adamantly against vitamin supplements, yet he thinks chemotherapy is a useful cancer treatment, in spite of all the evidence that chemotherapy does more harm than good and is effective for only a few types of rare cancers? Chemotherapy is known to cause cancer and even if a person’s cancer goes into remission, when it returns, it is likely to be resistant to drugs.

    In one of his responses on the fastingconnection website, he said that cancer patients who fast at his facility must also have chemotherapy. How can a person possibly detox/heal his or her body while taking in substances as horrible as cancer treatments drugs? Yet he thinks that coffee enemas and colonics are harmful. How can he claim that we cannot cure ourselves by putting anything inside our bodies, but still justify requiring chemotherapy? And how does he argue with the success that doctors like Gerson, William Kelley and Nicolas Gonzales have had with curing cancer using enemas, supplements and enzymes?

    I don’t think supplements can replace quality food and I agree that some supplements, like fish oil and soy, are not to be consumed. But Dr Kruger needs to be consistent. If he accepts that pharmaceutical drugs can be useful in healing, then he should also be open minded enough to accept that supplements can also be beneficial. I will take my chances with supplements over 99% of pharmaceutical drugs.

    • David Apr 25, 2013 @ 13:41

      The other point is of course that when you receive a sick patient who’s belief system is forged on the ‘miracles’ of Western Medicine if you told them that they can drop all their allopathic drugs for purely water they would not necessarily ‘buy’ it or if they did they may feed undue amount of fear and negativity into the Nature Cure approach which would interrupt the healing process. So I agree that in some cases it might be counter productive to adopt a purely water fasting approach to cancer cure. This is in my view one instance of why one would be prompted to break the golden rule and ‘put something in’ to get something out, especially if chemotherapy is working on the level of a placebo and its a matter of life and death. I thought I would throw the spanner in the works by mentioning a new school of thought known as The German New Medicine which puts forward the theory that cancer is not something that should be ‘taken out’ but rather left well alone. And you wouldn’t be surprised to learn that Geerd Hamer did have his licence revoked for putting into practice his non invasive cancer treatment.

      • mhikl Apr 25, 2013 @ 16:16

        David, a friend’s dad died this past October, slightly less than a year from first diagnosis. He had pancreatic cancer and the cancer was near a duct so it was discovered early due to his pain. He was given the full conventional treatment. Then his liver became cancerous. Would that have happened had he just undergone the surgery to the pancreas and then gone on a supervised fast and cleans and change in lifestyle? A classmate of mine I found out had also undergone chemo etc for her pancreatic cancer earlier in the summer of last year. The cancer was full blown in her and she died a month or so after treatment. To me this last case was especially barbarous. Both of them spent their remaining time in misery rather than learning to come to understand and accept that passage is a part of all life. In our western philosophy and the Abrahamic religions we are not taught to contemplate death until it is hammering at our door.

        Kim has had a number of other good doctors from both Allopathic and Holistic medicine that have proposed alternatives to the three fiends we have been practising for so very long. The first radiation for cancer was done in 1899. Chemo chemicals came out of the concentration camps used for exterminating people and this year, I believe those wretched chemicals are no longer protected by patent and their molecules can no longer be re-twisted and re-patented.

        Surgery is the oldest and the most successful of the three if the cancer is in a part that can be excised; but might not healing through fasting and cleansing even surgery be avoidable. I believe the after affects of chemo and radiation are the doctor’s death sentence to an anxious patient. Fasting, alkalising the body, positive true knowledge and clear thought about how the body and mind work and the possibilities of sentience after passing are the best and most promising placebo powers. But how do you fight those whose livelihoods are derived from common practices that eventually kill those who came in trust for their health.

        My mum was murdered by a practice that would not allow her to bring in the mineral that was keeping her alive. These two friends were murdered and the murders sanctioned by a government that refuses to look at and support research into other means for handling nasty diseases.

        Godspeed in your research and knowledge and in the knowledge of others. More North Americans are seeking out natural health than anytime in recent history so I do see a light at the end of this troubled tunnel of barbarism. But never, under any circumstance should radiation or the poisons such as mercury be used on our fellow human beings. We are slowly returning to the body holy and the natural miracles it beholds where we support health with proper nourishment and practices, including fasting and imaging by the mind.

        • David Apr 26, 2013 @ 11:10

          mhikl you are preaching to the converted. It doesn’t look like Dr Kruger is able to post replies on this board but if you were really interested you could contact him directly to find out the nuts and bolts of why he feels it important to combine both treatments. I always assumed that patients would come to him who are already on chemo and he facilitates a gradual transition to natural hygienic practices while reducing their medication which he can do legally as he is a licensed medical doctor. However if a patient with cancer went to a purely natural hygienic fasting retreat such as John Fielder’s retreat in Cairns it would probably be a case of an instant transition from the Western drugs to water fasting. I think it also important to remember the important fact that Dr Kruger has supervised thousands of water fasts at The Hoogland Health Hydro without a single fatality. This presumably includes all the patients who have come to him with cancer and other autoimmune diseases. Food for thought me thinks. My own take on cancer not that its worth much is that cancer like many other illnesses are triggered by a past trauma and that is why I feel it is essential to meet the right healer who is able to establish the link between original trauma/cause and disease. This is half the battle. Then there is lots of inner work to do.

      • ann Apr 25, 2013 @ 18:36

        Given the toxicity of chemotherapy, I can’t accept your explanation.

        Dr Kruger is simply creating more illness for the patient by requiring chemotherapy along with fasting. Also, he said that cancer patients were required to have chemo. He did not state that only those who wanted chemo along with fasting were allowed to have it. His position against supplements and in favor of toxic drugs reveals that he is on the side of the pharmaceutical company more than the patient.

        So, as far as I am concerned, Dr Kruger is very much a part of the cruel medical system. He claims that enemas are harmful but chemo is okay. That is very suspicious.

        Also, people who are extremely afraid of giving up their toxic pharmaceutical drugs are usually not the type to seek out fasting as a treatment for cancer or other diseases.

        With regard to eating meat, don’t you realize that plants are alive? Why is it less cruel to kill plants than to kill animals? Plants do not want to die any more than animals do. All living things strive to survive in their environment. Life feeds on life. A person who eats meat is no more cruel than an animal that eats grass or insects. No one should have to justify why he or she eats meat. Our hominid ancestors did eat meat. It does not matter how often they ate it. Humans are neither herbivore nor carnivore, but omnivores. I am a former vegan and veganism ruined my health. I was more concerned about dogma than my own health. Those days are over. I do care about animals, but I care about myself and other humans more than I care about non-human animals. Later for karma.

        Also, I am sure that you know that many plants are toxic to humans, while animal flesh is not. Plants actually produce toxins to protect themselves from predators (yes, herbivores are predators too). These toxins can cause death, or intestinal distress etc. Our ancestors had to breed many plants to get rid of toxicity. Well ripened fruit are the only plants that are meant to be eaten and I believe that our human ancestors ate sweet fruit when it was available. But they also ate meat whenever they could catch an animal.

        • mhikl Apr 27, 2013 @ 20:38

          Oops, I thought Dr K used a pseudonym in discussions. You are well versed in this this topic. Indeed, our mind is powerful and I believe or at least suspect that many cancers and illnesses come out of the mind and weakened the body. My two friends who died, the wife got her pancreatic cancer and died within two years of their divorce and the ex-husband within nine months of her death. I see this happening often. Fortunate for me I have a terrible memory and have to stop to remember my resentments. I council my students on how to toss resentment and hurt from the heart and over the years I have had a number tell me that was their most important school lessen.

          I am sorry Dr Kruger pulled his response. He does participate on the British fasting site he made mention. Mr Watson comments often his his site regarding the moon.

        • mhikl Apr 27, 2013 @ 21:01

          Ann, I have noticed that so many who have a wonderful discovery or belief have little interest in the discoveries or beliefs of others. I believe one of my heroes, Dr Semmelweis, who knew but could not convince the doctors of his time of the importance of hand washing and a clean operating room had such single focus that he turned off many around him. Many with a calling fail to see the calling or points of views of others.
          I predominantly eat animal fat and small amounts of animal protein. Carbs very much make me lethargic and easily from them I gain weight. I, however, am a chatty person and talk about this topic to many. My bro-in-law and a girl friend of past, both A bloods did not do well on fats and animal products. Dr D’Adamo, a naturopath suggests different diets for the four blood types (then came out with the Genome diet or other for six different body types. (A bloods can be AA or AO getting one gene from each parent- the A dominates but the O may affect is my taking on his newer book. The argument would go for Bs.) There is also the issue of positive and negative and carrier bloods. It is a complicated tropic. I can usually figure out a persons blood type just for asking a few questions about food and exercise preferences. But today with so much misinformation on fat, particularly sat fat, people do not listen to their bodies. But definitely, my bro-on-law does not do well on animal products and I do not do well on high carb foods. And my blood specs, eating a 60-70 animal fat diet are spectacular whilst, when on Dr Ornish’s veg styled diet, I gained forty lbs in four months and my specs went to dangerous levels and my doctor wanted me on statins for the rest of my life. That was fourteen years ago and I eat how I know I feel best and I take no meds of any kind as I enter my sixties.
          But thanks to the good Dr K, I have visited the fasting site in England and both my dog and I have fasted one day and shall do our second one tomorrow. I suspect he is on to something as this topic is becoming main stream.

  • mhikl Apr 24, 2013 @ 22:10

    Kim, In all of us there is a little bit of genius and a little bit of nuts (me, lots) and so goes for the good doctor. As soon as I heard vegetarian a red flag was added to my guard which was raised when he so heavily questioned supplements; though I do see some question in many as well. I strongly believe our ancestors predominate diet was animal in nature and cannot eat wheat or legumes as they both distress my arthritic hip and whole system. I followed the mostly vegetarian Ornish diet, strictly by the book, for four months at the turn of the millennium and gained forty pounds and lost my health; my cholesterol and triglycerides went through the roof such that my Dr wanted me on statins for the rest of my life. Ha! Dr Atkins & D’Adamo I promptly turned. My stats are now commendable: Cholesterol 4.6 mmol/L (from Ornish 7.2) low LDL; Triglycerides 0.9 mmol/L (down from Ornish 2.7); My body is indeed my laboratory.

    My mum would have died in 1972 had I not done my research on her potassium deficiency that sent her to emergency via ambulance throughout that year. In short, after many months research on potassium from second hand books, I came upon the fact that there are four electrolytes; sodium, potassium, magnesium, calcium (and now I know of a fifth, phosphorous). Magnesium is the great regulator of all electrolytes and once I had her taking magnesium throughout her day she never went to hospital for a potassium deficiency again. She died in hospital twenty-two years later when she was in a hospital assessment apartment to be evaluated for independent living. She was not allowed to bring in her magnesium, or prescribed pills. Had I not lived in another province, I would have been able to get the magnesium to her, and I believe she would would have lived another ten or twenty or more years. She was only seventy-three and had good genes and her parents lived into their nineties though both her younger sisters died before her from the same problem of magnesium deficiency. Her brother almost reached ninety, but his wife was a quack and his stress was high. However, I will be moving to a warmer climate where I will be able to grow my own food, nurture the soils and get properly raised beef. I will be able to cut back on the B vitamins and minerals.

    I do so strongly agree with the good doctor on fasting. I fasted forty-four days in my early twenties stabilising almost eighty pounds lighter after resuming eating and felt better than I had in my life. My skin was healthy, my tests were excellent and to this day I fast four times a year for three days each season at the solstices and equinoxes. I also limit my protein and have a very high bovine (liver twice a week) and fish fat intake along with some almond oil; I eat pink salmon (never the farmed abomination) and sea smelts and candle fish, ooligan, heads included and elk liver twice a week. (I get my bovine fat for free from the Superstore where the butchers cut the meats.) There is a great BBC documentary (Eat, Fast, Live Longer 2012 BBCHorizon) that reviews three fasting methods: 1: the three-day seasonal fast that I do, 2: the one day or rather thirty-six hour weekly fast. 3: alternating semi-fast; one day eat all you wish (junk food included) and the alternate day a limited diet of 600 calories. I am satisfied eating only twice a day with no snacking in-between. I am thinking of adding a one day fast per week.

    However, I could not give up any of my supplements at this time which are: zinc, a magnesium sipping drink I take throughout the day, ionised from Milk of Magnesia and soda water, MSM (sulphur), boron (borax), (copper three times a week on an empty stomach), iodine (I make my own Lugals) for my mag drink and skin application, Sierra Sil, glucosamine, condroidin, Vitamin C (10g) in my magnesium drink with bicarbonate that I drink two hours after my two daily meals to help alkalise my system; vitamins A, D, B complex and Bilberry. I may be adding shark cartilage, soon. I do not take them when fasting. My meat is sparse, my animal fat making up 70% my Ketogenic Paleo diet (50% raw- meat and lightly blanched veg), and green and low carb coloured veg with occasional berries for 10-15% carbs. These past three years even Apples (my favs are McIntosh and Ambrosia) have become tasteless and lost texture so unless I can get natural grown, I don’t bother with them. A spot of cream for my black tea and coffee, Xylitol for sweetening and Bob’s your uncle, I have overcome memory lose, gained vigour and calm and the osteoporosis in my hip seems to be on the mend, the bones regenerating. The iodine and almond oil, both applied externally and both ingested have served to heal my eczema. I use Clayton Nolte’s water filter for shower and drink and Dan Nelson’s water and I have a Water StirWand to boot.

    I have learned so much from your programmes and modify my life as I study and learn more. I’ve been a Buddhist and meditated (three methods) since childhood and take moderate daily walks with quick sprints and swim and I do some pressure or muscle stress exercises three times a week. Some call me flighty, but I think I have a very open mind and like to challenge all my preconceived and habituated ways. I am the healthiest member of my family; it is not that I want to live forever; I just don’t want the modern illnesses that plague our society. So many from my generation are dying from cancer, heart disease and diabetes. Chocolate is my sin and that is a treat I get once a week. I like my Scotch and German white wines but I am in control, not the alcohol. Ice cream is so badly made now, so badly textured and tasteless it has been easy to give up. Oops, have to hit the mirror, my halo’s slipping.

    However, would I prescribe my way for all? Certainly not! We must all find our own way to good health and constantly modify as we learn more from study and by listening to our body. I have learned a lot from Dr Kruger and others from Rainmaking Time. Walter Last is a mentor and would make a very good guest on your good programme.

    Namaste and care to all sentient beings across our ever being, living universe. The spirit is indeed of magnetic energy. 🙂

    • David Apr 25, 2013 @ 13:04

      Interesting post Mhikl. I do definitely agree that the ‘no one shoe fits all’ approach is the sanest one to adopt. In matters of meat it is debatable whether our ancestor’s diet always included animal protein. Our dental structure and length of intestines would suggest that we line up with the herbivores rather than the carnivores. However like you I don’t think one should be dogmatic about this and that perhaps the answer lies in both schools of thought not being mutually exclusive. Lets say that those of us who descended from meat eating hunter gatherers have genetically adapted to that diet and those who descended from herbivore clans are better suited to the herbivore lifestyle. The nutritional theories of eating by blood type or Dr Wilson’s Oxydation Types attempt to cater for two ore more genetic types; one being predisposed to a diet rich in animal protein and the other a herbivore diet.
      My own reason for avoiding meat is simply because I believe that the laws of karma extend to causing pain or suffering to animals. And eating meat simply doesn’t feel right if that makes any sense. I always found it odd that Buddhist believe in this too and yet many of them eat meat however I am sure they do it with much reverence for the animal and I wouldn’t be surprised if they find it difficult to maintain good health on a purely vegetarian diet especially Tibetan Buddhists.

      On the topic of meat eating I would highly recommend Solar Civilisation by Omram Mikhael Aivenhov. A little book but packs a lot of punch. In a nutshell he claims that most if not all our nutrition comes from the sun so the logical solution is to nourish the body by assimilating energy directly from the sun or food that is rich in sunlight and avoiding food lower down in the food chain as we then have to extract the sunlight from matter which is even further removed from the sun. Dr Kruger touched on this at the end of the interview.

      As for supplements I am really thrilled that you have found what works for you in that regard. One thought that did cross my mind is that depending on what types of toxins we accumulate, when they are present they may affect our ability to assimilate various nutrients. So lets say that you or I fasted 2-3 times per week giving the body a chance to play catch up and perform better toxin management and we also ate foods which we know have got high chelating properties, such as rose hip high in vitamin c and coriander and we adopted The Fast Doctor Five Step Elimination Cycle to assist the elimination of hydrophobic toxins via the skin, then we may find – just toying with ideas – that we are no longer depleted in a given mineral/vitamin/hormone. This I believe would be the Fast Doctor’s stance. LIke you I don’t have all the answers and am very grateful to Kim and Andy for their highly educational site. I also found out about Clayton Nolte’s water filters through Kim. If you are drinking that water you are definitely onto something! And like you I think the way forward is to grow your own food. Good luck with it.

      • mhikl Apr 25, 2013 @ 15:02

        Thank you for answering, David. I saw your reply to Ann seemed to have disappeared and I was worried I had said something in a rude manner and you were giving up on us Neanderthals. But truly, you have given me food for thought and I am definitely in line with much of what you have discovered. I think (or suspect) that minerals are not so bad if they are true minerals that have not been adulterated. Vitamin C is made in a laboratory but isn’t it the same chemical structure as found in nature? though without the bioflavoids that come in nature? The B’s do kind of worry me. But as I did say, I eventually want to be able to get most of my nutrition from nature.

        David, the Buddha ate meat and said the choice was up to the individual, but s/he should not do the killing. Some quibble room there I suspect. The Dalai Lama is vegetation on alternate days. Without some animal meat he does not feel well. Regarding the killing, don’t all animals kill to live, even the bovine. They farm bacteria in their third section of the tube stomach and from there get the amino acids and fats they need from the bacteria that die. There are also in many beliefs the idea that plants may have forms of sentience. Whilst living in borneo I met a fruitarian from the UK who had a problem with eating meat or vegetables for the same sentiments. Only the fruit that has fallen from the tree could be eaten. We live in such a complex world. Truly the human spirit, when healthy, is one of kindness and caring.

        Regarding nutrition from the sun, there are people who claim they get all nutrition from the rising and setting sun as it first touches and leaves or ascends past the horizon. Their claim is that they do not need to suffer the plants and animals to pain of death for their benefit. Sun gazing nourishes their bodies. Sounds nutty I know, but who am I to question. There is so much to physics we are just coming to understand. There was an experiment, I don’t know if my understanding came from Rainmaking Time or elsewhere, but chicks were raised in a laboratory on foods that contained no calcium, yet they grew to be healthy with full, strong bones. Their protégée and those after them were raised in the same way. The only way the foul were getting the calcium they needed to survive was from some sort of atomic changes taking place in their bodies, something that is not supported according to our understanding of nature through conventional physics.

        I mentioned my prayer which uses the energy from hands that I practice throughout the day when I am energising my water, thoughts and food. Its full start is like this:
        Namaste and caring to all sentient beings across our ever being, ever loving, ever caring universe. May kindness be your guide and the torment of pain and anger pass you by. . . it then goes on generating from heart as I feel at the time. It is very calming and centring.

        I have heard and suspect that even our sun may have consciousness. When I first started eating my meat raw I was overcome with the desire to pray and thank the animal for its sacrifice. Never before, even over a thanksgiving Turkey or ham did I experience the rush I now get when thanking an animal for its kindness. Eventually I do wish to be able to eat meat where the animals are raised with care and understanding rather than from the slaughter houses that meat comes from today. I raised chickens while in Sarawak and learned to do it with as much kindness and gentleness as possible, not in the horrid way done in factories and certainly not by hacking off the head. With cooling water and a sharp knife, life can leave with more gentleness. As I have now come to suspect that our life energy, soul, spirit, understanding may be centred outside our bodies in our aura or magnetic force, I am beginning to believe all animal and plant life force may reside the same. If so, life and death may exist on plains so beyond our full understanding that death may be but a moment in time if it is even that.

        Thank you for your kind and caring response. Isn’t it a wonder and possibly a miracle that we both share this same good earth together at the same time such that our paths have crossed, with both care and good wishes our intent?

        • David Apr 26, 2013 @ 0:15

          That was Dr Kruger’s reply to Ann which disappeared.

          • David Apr 26, 2013 @ 0:37

            mhikl What a well rounded response thank you. Re vitamin Bs Spirulina does it for me and never misses the mark. I see instant results to the extent that every time I take it the next day people ask me if I have been sunning. I think the book I mentioned makes a really good contribution in understanding the energetic dynamics of eating meat. Yes animals eat animals but humans are supposed to have a degree of free will. Anyway I am not trying to convert anyone. I do recall hearing about a Buddhist monk who would not even kill the gnats clinging to his robe. I wonder if the fruitarian you met was Jungle Eyes? He only ate fruit. Eventually some of his teeth fell out and he died a couple of weeks ago from a brain tumour.
            Oh like you I believe that the brain is just an antenna/ receiving station for consciousness. Animals sense when someone is an consumer of meat as do plants based on the book The Secret Life Of Plants. So there must be some kind of invisible signature on one’s person that makes it apparent to those who have sharp senses. And the response when this signature is detected is one of fear.
            Thank you for sharing the prayer. Plenty more to say but got to dash.

    • rawtruth Mar 30, 2014 @ 3:07

      Hi mihikl, I’ve enjoyed reading your posts here. Your journey has been similar to mine. I also found I had an extremely low tolerance for carbs and now have good health and energy on a raw Paleo diet centered around 100% grassfed beef which I raise on my own farm. My supper each day is very simple: 15-16 oz of meat and fat in a 1:2 ratio and nothing else. It is very satisfying and gives me good energy all of the next day whether or not I eat any breakfast or lunch. However, I usually do eat a mid-morning brunch consisting of 3-4 oz of raw macadamia or hazelnuts, cucumber, bok choy, romaine or other dark baby greens and a few berries.

      Prior to the time they are sacrificed, I do take the best care of my animals that I can and come to know them very well, taking delight in making them happy by providing them fresh clean water from my deep well and moving them to fresh pasturage every 2 days, similar in fashion to how the great herds of bison moved across the prairie grasslands. And when they are killed, I say a prayer over them and give thanks for the nourishment that their lives will provide to my family and customers over the coming year.

      My most concerning health problem presently is frequent leg/foot cramps during the night, as well as getting up to urinate 2-3x/night, possibly indicating weak kidneys. I’ve found supplementing magnesium helps but does not completely correct the problem, and I often seem to end up taking too much and causing loose bowels. A couple years ago I found that supplemental calcium seemed to help, but again, I had to keep taking more and more until I was taking so much I got my serum calcium too high. Then when I quit, I did it too quickly and gave myself a bad case of pseudo-gout! No more calcium for me! I think humans really don’t need it anyway, like the chickens who can make eggshells without ingesting calcium.

      Anyhow I’m curious to know more about your magnesium supplement and exactly how it is made. I’m sensitive to so many foods and supplements, and I’ve found very few that my body can tolerate.

      I’m also curious to know your opinion of Dan Nelson’s Wayback water, which I’ve been drinking now for nearly a year.

      Thanks for your consideration!

    • Andrew Marais Oct 1, 2019 @ 19:16

      Interesting discussion coming to the conclusion this is an Internet troll.

  • stan johnson May 2, 2013 @ 4:17

    This man is absolutely right in what he says I began to take a lot of so called safe supplements then psoriosis started in my body. Whe I went to se a homeopatthic doctor who was also a GP she could not understand how I had got psoriosis. as there was no history of this in myy family and it was so unusual for a man of my age. As soon as I started getting stuff out of my body by doing stuff like coffee enemas my condition improved. Iblem, but there again I am certain they are in denial because tey want to continue to eat meat- more fool them. also cut right down on supplementts. My friend who is a nurse was also taking lots of vitamins and became ill very ill. He cut out the supplements and became well again. Id jus like to add tthat the same doctor was amazed at the mildness of my psoriosis and I put this down to a vegan diet so I ge a little suspicious when anyone posts comments attacking a vegetarian diet. I see many people in tthe course of myy part time job and some have psoriosis. If they could only educatte themselves and understand that what they are eating is causing their problem – more fool them!

  • Alexander Smith Nov 27, 2019 @ 8:50

    It’s ironic but in this segment Kim is silencing potential breakthroughs in health science. Not to mention a discourteous treatment of guests. I’m going to have to follow Dr. André Kruger directly because he made some very interesting points on how excess micro nutrients affect hormesis and autophagy.

    • Kim Greenhouse Apr 2, 2020 @ 6:42

      Dear Alexander,
      Actually, this is a lie. I was not silencing Dr. Kruger’s work. I was insisting at a certain point that he consider that the environment is not the same as it was 40 years ago and that fruit and water would NOT cut the mustard with the pollution that is
      around today. This interview was in 2014, before I went to live in Europe. If I was trying to silence my guest, I would not have allowed him on the show. This did not happen so quit superimposing “discourteous” for simply “challenging” some of his views. Fasting is one of the most important things anyone can do for health. This interview happened before Jason Fong put the science together for the world and updated it. What’s ironic, is your misguided comment. Please identify at what point in the discussion the host was “discourtious” and put the timeline in this comment section. Thank you for listening.

  • Anonymous Jan 6, 2024 @ 2:08

    Oh gosh, she sounds so disrespectful and haughty. This guy has helped so many people recover their health and even their life.

    • Kim Greenhouse Jan 9, 2024 @ 21:10

      Dear Anonymous & Anyone who listens or watches this show: Here this:

      1. You’re welcome to disagree with the content, with me, or, with any guest.
      2. You’re not expected to like what the host says, or the way she communicates.
      3. You’re welcome to comment & we appreciate you taking your time to tune in.
      4. What’s useful is if you have any issue with how the conversation was conducted, share the exact timeline or timelines with us & the listeners and allow others to listen to it for themselves.
      5. Post your real name & contact email for site management, it won’t go to the general public. We will get in touch with you.
      6. We encourage you to share where you have issues in a responsible way that helps enlighten the rest of us. Just making negative comments about the host just spews negativity over the entire interview; rather than enlightening us where you think it could have been done differently, or been done better, or both.
      7. Thank you for listening and taking time out of your life to tune in.
      8. We hope you have a happy and healthy New Year.

      Kim Greenhouse
      It’s Rainmaking Time! 2024

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