Dr. Antal Fekete – The Real Bills Doctrine

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Dr. Antal E. Fekete

Professor Antal Fekete is one of the greatest thinkers of our time when it comes to monetary science and policy. He offers a totally unique and powerful paradigm for monetary exchange and stability that includes the Real Bills Doctrine introduced by Adam Smith. For many years he has been an expert on central bank bullion sales and hedging, and their effects on the gold price and the gold mining industry. A renowned mathematician, Dr. Antal Fekete has recently come out with a new publication called Stepnumbers.

Dr. Antal Fekete has thought in massive detail about economic paradigms. He has taught at the San Francisco School of Economics, the Gold Standard Institute and is a Fellow at the American Institute for Economic Research and Senior Editor for the American Economic Foundation. His 1996 essay Whither Gold? received first prize in the international currency essay contest sponsored by Bank Lips, the Swiss bank. Dr. Antal Fekete’s essay Borrowing Short and Lending Long profoundly impacted Hugo Salinas Price.

Dr. Antal Fekete now devotes his time to writing and lecturing on fiscal and monetary reform with special regard to the role of gold and silver in the monetary system.

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