Dr. Edmund Chein – Telomerase & The Fountain of Youth

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Dr. Edmund Chein

Dr. Edmund Chein

In this show, we speak with Dr. Edmund Chein, the author of The Origin of Beauty & Youth . Dr. Edmund Chein is the founder of the Life Extension Institute (Palm Springs, CA) and a long-standing advocate of life extension and human growth hormone.

Dr. Edmund Chein highlights exciting discoveries about the way human growth hormone extends our lives and prolongs youth. He also explains how telomerase lengthens the telomere portion of our DNA, and how it achieves youthful cell replications and perpetual non-dying cells in the laboratory. The findings are thrilling. Many scientists have dedicated their entire lives to exploring how we can regain our youth, health, fitness, and energy. People of every country, religious background, and field of expertise are looking for the keys to The Fountain of Youth.

Recently, three scientists received the Nobel Prize for this important body of discovery, which now validates many years of Dr. Edmund Chein’s life extension work. Join us as Dr. Edmund Chein calls in from China to explain this exciting new body of discovery, how it ties into regaining biological youth and hormone levels, and how it can give us the energy we had in our twenties.

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  • Peter Knopfler Mar 28, 2010 @ 12:02

    Jack Lelane Cardio guru is 96, Paul Bragg almost 98. I`m sorry your information is way off, I`ll explain after I listen to the rest. Thanks. Peter Knopfler 61 plays basketball and weight training daily, get in the move.

  • Peter Knopfler Mar 28, 2010 @ 13:11

    Wow! A lot of information on this radio show, And much to my surprise almost all the information is factual. My major difference is approach and methdology. “Let your medicine be your food, let food be your medicine” 600 BC . Before Hormone testing, dietary, food for function first, you were made to move, inactivity kills the brain-body. Food gets rid of the oxidation from movement, anti-oxidants- to kill free radicals. Herbs, vitamins and supplement comes
    next, only if food didn`t give you your desired results. Time; give the body time to respond, cellular generation comes from information to the cells. Once Hormone replacement is practiced, you have to have it the rest of your life. And if by chance your supply is cut off, like drugs, painful separation. Start with nature and nurture, your cells are your selves, take care of your selves and you`ll take care of your cells. You are what you eat and do, but if you do not know your food and inactive, you`ll never know who you really can be. Thanks.

  • David Apr 8, 2013 @ 5:17

    I agree with Peter. There is so much valuable information here and big respect to Dr Chein however coming from a natural hygienic / nature cure perspective the main issue with taking hormone or other supplements is that it undermines the body’s ability to manufacture its own vital molecules. A dependency is formed on these drugs which could cause havoc when one no longer has access to them. Another way to look at it is if one stays in bed from an injury or disease the muscles begin to atrophy why should it be any different for the hormone producing glands? David Wolfe who eats 100% raw does not experience jet lag and does not take any supplements.
    The other issue with hormone supplements is that it does not address the causative factors of why the the body does not produce the correct levels of hormone or why it is deficient in this or that mineral etc. Dr Chein spells out very clearly that auto immune disease is caused by overload in toxicity, heavy metals etc. Shout we not be addressing these issues first before measuring our hormone levels? Thank you Dr Chein and Kim for this revetting interview.

  • James David Mar 12, 2014 @ 1:25

    My world came to a standstill when my doctors confirmed that i have a major cardiovascular issues and i might be at a risk of getting heart diseases. “Heart disease at 40? Are you kidding me?”, was the reply i gave to my doctor when he stated me the results of the test. High cholesterol and high blood pressure generally occur post-sixty and i was nowhere near that figure.

    My thoughts were answered by the doctor. He said that my biological age is more than my chronological age. In other words, although i was 40, my body’s age was more than 60. He further suggested me a treatment that can help me out in this case.

    It was Dr. Edmund Chein anti-aging treatment therapy that uses bio-identical HGH hormones to grow immunity and resurrect the health of the cells inside the body. i went with this advice without giving a second thought. Last thing i can say, i don’t remember when was the last time i felt any cardiac issue. Dr. Chein’s treatment saved my life and didn’t let me give up.

  • William Hayden Mar 19, 2014 @ 23:30

    I went blindly for Dr. Edmund’s bio-identical Human Growth Hormone therapy because i knew that it won’t interrupt with the effects of chemical medicines that i used to take to correct my improper liver and kidney functions. It didn’t take much time for the supplements to create their effect and my condition started getting better. Last thing i know, i stopped using any other medications and focused on the therapy.

    Today, i am enjoying a healthy and disease-free life at the age of 75. Thank you Dr. Chein for changing my life.

  • Mike Greaves Mar 25, 2014 @ 1:39

    I’ve seen people fearing health complications that come up with increasing age. Well, why won’t they be? It’s really scary unless you are going for the HGH treatment provided by the pioneering treatment devised by Dr. Edmund Chein. I used to be in the similar league, but this treatment changed my beliefs.

  • marion f murrell May 30, 2014 @ 5:47

    i watch you at praise international sunday at the church i try to email you , but it was undeliverable , so what is your right email

  • Andres Clemente Jul 14, 2014 @ 22:47

    Dr. Edmund Chein’s therapy has worked like a magic. I followed the therapy of human growth hormone provided at Dr.Chein’s Palm Spring institute. I must say that it has magical benefits. I feel as if I have regained my youth and is back in my twenties. A big hug to you.

  • Patrick Morris Nov 5, 2014 @ 2:35

    A sea change in my health after Dr. Edmund Chein’s therapy. Fortunately, I came across the human growth hormone (HGH) therapy at Dr.Chein’s Palm Spring institute and things changed positively thereafter. Not only the treatment has magical effects by bringing back my youth but also it is highly compatible to natural body and its immune system. I feel great now. Thank you Dr Chien for such a wonderful treatment.

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