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Dr. Joseph Resnick

Dr. Joseph Resnick

Dr. Joseph Resnick’s résumé is nothing short of intimidating. A graduate of Westinghouse Electric Corporation’s Electromechanical Engineering School Apprentice Program and the University of Pittsburgh, he also holds a graduate degree in Earth and Space Health Systems Management, and was a NASA Scholar-in-Residence at the Military College of Vermont. Additionally, he holds a Ph.D. in Environmental Studies with concentration in bioremediation and biodefense from the Union Institute and University at Cincinnati.

A monumental applied scientist and inventor, Dr. Joseph Resnick holds numerous US and foreign patents for what he calls “exotic technologies”. Patent #5807724 allowed Dr. Resnick to “retire” in 1993, and led to the development of the BioBoom, BioSok, Micro-Sorbe, Poly-Sorbe, Oil-Buster, and PRP (Petroleum Remediation Product), now re-branded as KONTAK™.

Dr. Joseph Resnick is the CEO and Chairman of RMANNCO, a specialist in product and process reformulation. Dr. Resnick also works in RMANNCO’s Science and Technology Division as the Senior Chief Scientist for Microencapsulation Technologies, and oversees the Future Soldier Systems Division, the Vehicle Up-Armor and Visual Mitigation Division, the Earth & Space Biodefense Divisions, and the Materials Sciences R&D Laboratories.

Dr. Resnick is a Life Member of the National Defense Industrial Organization and the founder of the National Anti-Terrorism Technology Development and Training Center and the National Eco-Counter Terrorism Institute. For the last thirty years, he has worked with NASA, HAARP, and other aerospace and defense organizations in the public and private sectors. Seven of his discoveries were showcased at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center from 1985-1995, and he was featured in Techbriefs Magazine in 1994 for developing new bioremediation products to clean up oil spills. The avid environmentalist has been nominated for the Tyler Environmental Prize (2012-2014).

In 2007, Dr. Joseph Resnick founded Vans For Vets, a non-profit corporation that provides handicap-equipped vehicles and watercraft, mobile homes, and mental health and outreach services to veterans and family members free of charge.

Along with former guest Guy Cramer and Lt. Col. Timothy O’Neill, Ph.D., Dr. Resnick is a member of ROC, a North American team safeguarding the loophole in space law that allows individuals to hold mineral rights on moons and other planets. Dr. Resnick was structuring a new organization called the Universal Mineral Leases Registry (UMLR) when a group of predominant scientists proposed a parks project on Mars. Guy Cramer proposed that ROC obtain mineral rights to the specified regions through the UMLR before going public. ROC has acquired the mineral rights for Mars, designating the regions as “extraterrestrial nature preserves”, as well as 8.9 million acres around the Apollo 11 Lunar landing site, currently designated as a “World Heritage Site”. The ROC team holds mineral rights for 95% of the side of the moon facing Earth, the polar regions, and 50% of the far side of the moon. They plan to oversee the extraction of Helium-3 and other minerals for the advancement of space exploration, science, and energy production.

Join us with Dr. Joseph Resnick for an out-of-this-world interview that touches on his extraordinary life and career.

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  • Erica Gaon Mar 26, 2014 @ 8:21

    What a delight to listen to your interview with Dr. J. Resnick! A breath of fresh air to know that such amazing human beings exist on our planet. Thank you so much for your daring questions which brought such a fascinating, exciting and exhilarating lead to the exchange.

    We are truly blessed that you have made yourself and It’s RainmakingTime available to ordinary people as well as experts in the field.

    As Dr. Resnick declared, no one can stop something good happening forever. It has to come out some day.


  • david longenhagen Apr 3, 2014 @ 7:55

    Hello, just finnished listening to the interview. great. i have some acres in texas (actually next to the civilian space port). I am working on a device to float in the air like a submarine, motivated by devices developed from the work of Eugene podelnekov, and Eric Laithwaite. i could use a little assistance.

  • joe resnick jt Aug 12, 2014 @ 23:28

    “Doctor” Joe is a scam artist that is well known around his home town of Natrona heights, pa. His compound is the home his parents left him when they passed. Please research him and don’t buy into his bs. The patents he shows are/ worthless and are used with smooth talking to bleed poor individuals out of their money.

    • Kelley Feb 10, 2017 @ 9:07

      How do you know about Dr. Joe Resnick and his creditability?

    • Resnick Joseph May 29, 2020 @ 18:28

      These people who castigate me, are motivated by jealousy. Otherwise they would reveal who they are, their identity. The world is full of jealous people. And if these people could prove their vicious lies, they would reveal their names to the world as I have do. Petty, people. Jealous people…the world is full of them. But, I forgive you. And pray you have a good life…whatever may be left of it 🙂

  • Kelley Mar 10, 2017 @ 8:40

    Dr. Joe has been to my house and has lied about everything he has told us he would do to help his “so Called” Microencapsulation Technologies! Do Not give this man any of your time, It will be wasted!!! this is my personal experience and my opinion!

    • Joseph A Resnick May 29, 2020 @ 18:32

      I only know 2 people named ‘Kelly’. One male, one female. One is my cousin, the other a colleague. I have not been to their houses. So…you must be an imposter…who knows nothing about me nor my microencapsulation technology. Another, misguided, jealous Loser (as Pres. Trump would say). I forgive you for lying. I hope God does too.

  • MaggieMae Mar 30, 2021 @ 10:06

    Joe scammed our Family out of THOUSANDS of dollars for his “talking tooth” “INVENTION”. We all pulled our funds with money we worked HARD to EARN. Yes, people in Natrona Heights know him VERY well. HIS greatest title and accomplishment?? Scam ARTIST

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