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Dr. Laleh Bakhtiar

Dr. Laleh Bakhtiar

Author Dr. Laleh Bakhtiar joins us to share her most recent work, The Sublime Quran, which took her 7 years to deliver. This new translation of the Quran is bound to open up the minds of people around the world who have judged its violent verses and treatment of women. The Sublime Quran promises to make the holy book – one of the three key texts of the Abrahamic faiths – intelligible, contextually accurate, and inclusive for the public once and for all.

Dr. Laleh Bakhtiar goes to great lengths to make the Quran accessible to the common person. It will doubtlessly stir up great controversy; in the new Quran, the prophet does not declare that men have the license to beat, kill, and rape women in their culture. Dr. Laleh Bakhtiar maintains that the prophet has been misinterpreted for the last 1400 years, and that no prophet would empower this. Join us for a revelatory interview as we look at the Quran in a new light.

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  • Robin Datta Jan 13, 2011 @ 12:27

    From Abrahamic times to the present day, G_d was acknowledged in every generation. At no time was there an attribution of progeny named Laat and Uzza in the case of G_d, and therefore there was no occasion to denounce or renounce those progeny. The Quaraish tribe had numerous deities. Mustafa bin Abdullah advised his followers to accept only one of those deities and reject all other deities (which includes G_d). The sourte of the Quran was attributed to the Quraish deity, and the Quran carries a denunciation of those progeny and a renunciation of the attribution of progeny.

    The Banu Quaraiza, a Jewish tribe of Yasrib (renamed Madina-tun-Nabi “city of the prophet’ or Medina) had all the adult males (about eight hundred) beheaded by Mustafa’s forces in a single night: when Mustafa was talking to one of the leaders prior to the beheading, the man refused to accept Mustafianism because he rejected the deity of Mustafianism. (Mustafa bin Abdullah was the persan given the title of Muhammed by his followers). Indeed every time the Mustafiyian forces killed ahl-ul-kutub (people of the books – the bible and the new testament, i.e. Jews and Christians) the victims are referred to as Kafirun – unbelievers. It is never said tiat the Mustafians killed ahl-ul-kutub.

    The earlier surahs of the Quran were of Meccan provenance and are known as the Makiyah surahs. The later surahs of the Quran are of Medinian provenance and are known as the Madiniyah surahs. Where there are differences between the Makiyah surahs and the Madiniah surahs, the latter always are accepted as superseding the Makiyah surahs.

    Urdu is Hindi larded with Arabic and Persian words and written in an Arabic script, In Urdu “beat them” is “un ko maro”, and “go away from them” is “un sey chalay jao”. I was born in Pakistan and had my premedical education in what is now Pakistan (then West Pakistan).

    Neither non-dualist Hinduism nor Buddhism has a goal of making anyone a better person. The nature of the person is not in need of any improvement. One has to be aware of one’s nature (not “true” nature, since there is no ‘untrue” nature). When being thus aware, if one has even the slightest impression of having “achieved” something or “attained” something, one hasn’t reached that awareness. Likewise, if one has the idea that one has yet to achieve that awareness, then too, one hasn’t reached that awareness. It is mentioned in many places; one of the beter known is in the sutra of Hui-Neng, the Sixth Patriarch (in the Zen tradition).

  • soraya Feb 22, 2014 @ 22:49

    Is there any Persian translation of this book(sublime Quran)?

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