Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez – Why Steve Jobs Really Died

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Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez

Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez returns to discuss cancer treatments that shortened Steve Jobs’ life. In this interview, we talk about the power of the medical priesthood, the unnecessary and dangerous experimental procedures performed on Mr. Jobs, protocols for optimizing health, and why celebrities are unusually vulnerable to medical hypnosis and peer pressure.

The recent interview with Walter Isaacson (the author of Steve Jobs) and various television, radio, and print media suggest that Steve Jobs practically did himself in by drinking carrot juice, eating herbs, and waiting 9 months to pursue traditional cancer treatment. In fact, nothing could be further from the truth.

its rainmaking time loves Apple products and appreciates all that Steve Jobs has brought the world. We want to honor his family, who is grieving the loss of a husband, father, and brother.

This segment with Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez is dedicated to Steve Jobs, a remarkable visionary who – even with his genius, stature, access and financial position – was seduced by a powerful medical priesthood that performed unnecessary and dangerous surgeries and “treated” him with cancer-accelerating drugs. Steve, this one is for you.
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Original air date: November 3, 2011

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  • Frank Nov 3, 2011 @ 11:30


    Some journalism about the truth of Jobs’ death. The way alternative treatments were talked about in MSM regarding Steve’s decision to wait nine months probably has set back adoption of unconventional therapies by decades.

    Now we just need a psychologist to talk about Steve’s Narcissistic Personality Disorder. I haven’t heard one person talk about this and yet it’s quite clear from reading his biography that Steve had a severe personality disorder.

  • you know who Dec 14, 2011 @ 10:05

    Cancer cells do not multiply in an alkaline environment. Switching your body to an alkaline state is the key to stopping tumor growth. Adding a half teaspoon of organic baking soda to a gallon of pure water helps, but be careful not to add much more than a half teaspoon. Other factors include getting the proper amount of sleep at the proper times. One should be in deep REM sleep at 2AM every morning, not playing on your computer. That means that you should go to bed no later than 10 PM and get a full 8 or 9 hours of sleep each night. Also, getting rid of all the toxins in your body is a good idea.. Juicing barley grass and drinking three to four 8 oz glass per day will also help. Getting off meat is another ‘must do’. Healthy fish is a good alternative. Eating only organic produce will help and staying away from dairy products is a must ! STAY AWAY FROM ANYTHING WITH SOY PROTEIN!. Almost eighty percent of the US soy crop consists of ‘Round-up ready’ soy. This is soy seed produced by Monsanto, that is resistant to herbicide (Round-up). The herbicide is sprayed on soy crops to control weeds and eventually finds it’s way into the soy itself.Weeds become more resistant to Round- up each year, so farmers have to add more Round-up to the soy crop each year. Over a several year period, the amount of Round-up necessary to kill weeds doubles from one quart per acre to almost two quarts per acre (of Round-up concentrate).Wow, isn’t that a plus for Monsanto !. That’s correct people, you are ingesting ‘Round-up’ every day, thanks to Monsanto !
    Soy protein is not readily metabolized by your body, so even organic soy is a bad idea !

  • Jeff Feb 26, 2012 @ 8:26


    Wonderful interview with Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez. Based on my research, everything Dr. Gonzalez is saying is very compelling for fighting cancer. That being said, and as you know from your research and numerous Subject Matter Expert interviews, there are several nutritional supplements and foods that can reduce cancer risk across the board. For instance, Vitamin D3, Vitamin K2 and Iodine. And so, the best cure for cancer is to prevent cancer it in the first place. Dr. Brownstein on Iodine, Dr. Holick and Dr. Mercola on Vitamin D3, and Dr. Cees Vermeer on Vitamin K2 (MK7). Also, as recently featured by Dr. Mercola on the Dr. Oz Show, natural Astaxanthin is the No. 1 Super anti-oxidant — it’s what makes fresh-water salmon pink!

    For additional tips on health and nutrition, vist my Facebook page at:


    To your good health,

    Cheers, Jeff Calcatera
    Director, FutureHealthNow, LLC

  • kindelan Jul 14, 2012 @ 10:10

    Stress, diet, genetics (though only in a chance sense), relationships, etc., a life too intense to go on for long. The body rebelled, and said, “You’re killing me!” But Steve couldn’t quit, the lust for power, control, and creation were irresistible, and so cancer cells began to accumulate in an organ known to be key target when too many toxic food ingredients puts the pancreas into an exhaustion mode. The idea that he relied on symptomatic medicine as the key to recovering his health is bizarre at best, deadly as it turned out. What talent does it take to misdiagnose, then prescribe toxic medicine that a janitor would soon learn to administer, but of course it is the doctor who decides the dosage, which is weird since chemo is a known toxin, seldom successful after six years or less, but used because it’s a huge money maker. Sheer madness, and totally moronic if healing is the objective. Why would anyone prescribe toxic chemicals to heal a body already in a panic mode? Only because better minds and healing tendencies are ignored, they aren’t business people lusting for loot, they simply want to heal others. They call doctors high priests, but since they kill 220,000 people each year, prescribe toxins rather than healing herbs, organic food relative to the problem, and the elimination of stress or how to deal better with stress, they are mere pawns for drug companies and their habitual desire for wealth over health. If doctors were to follow the modern version of the Hippocratic oath (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hippocratic_Oath), the health of the world would change overnight, drug companies would for the most part be sent packing, industrial farming would come under intense glare, politicians would be hiding under their desks, and the health of the masses would improve nearly overnight. However, money, greed, stupidity, and lack of true health education somehow displaced by symptomatic lunacy, the lowest form of medicine if it can be called medicine at all, a better description would be, “Criminal behavior,” but unknown to practioners who were trained along the education in place, they certainly aren’t criminals, it’s all in the system that has evolved into a state of corrupt practices doctors are forced to follow. They simply don’t know any better or if they do they risk losing their license should they get creative and go back to healing protocols rather than symptomatic misfires.

    • Hugo Garcia Feb 15, 2014 @ 16:06

      THANK YOU!!!!!!!!

      • Allorrah Aug 14, 2014 @ 8:25


        Perhaps Jobs’ contract for this life included BEing “a candle in the wind” gone too soon, but AFTER he brought his awesome gifts into manifestation. However, I had no connection with him so perhaps this is too simple an explanation for a very complex situation he created. He certainly accomplished an amazing “body of work” but I wonder, too, why he “got” cancer if not intentionally… perhaps he offended some of the “powers that be” and was “given” the cancer to take him out! Seems to me RVers could access the TRUTH about this and other mysteriousness… but I’m a newbie in this realm so I pray and use my baking soda and apple cider vinegar.
        Very grateful for this site and others bringing fresh new information (at least, to me!) and I declare Blessings for all of us who seek TRUTH and TRANCE-parency!
        Rev. Allorrah Be
        Circles of Light Ministries

  • John Rose Oct 20, 2012 @ 6:01

    And, oh yes, for those who know, the Jarbar Op reveals that John speaks the truth. The ‘key’ is in the Jarbar Op—now I got work to do if yo lot can’t perceive the truth when you hear it from John, well, that’s your lookout!!!! Cheers, John R.

  • Marc Authier Nov 11, 2012 @ 13:45

    The FDA the AMA and the NCI killed more Americans than all the wars in which USA was involved. The TRUTH hurts here. These people prefer murdering you and ruining you financially than to change the status quo. The Cancer racket in USA is a 100 billion dollars scam . It is indeed a sort of mass murder of the innocents. People are being kept in the dark completely about cancer and how simple it is to prevent it or diminish the risks dramatically. The FDA is a criminal organization. Conspiracy ? You bet ! No douby about it for me after listening to Dr Gonzalez and reading ALL his books, all of Dr Donald Kelleys and John Beards books.

  • cab Nov 27, 2012 @ 22:45

    This interview was super great. Many great interviews by Kim Greenhouse, but this one is at the top.

  • Sam Nov 14, 2013 @ 3:48

    the cancer treatments certainly didn’t help but why did he get cancer in the first place?
    We will never know however one major toxin to which he was presumably heavily exposed was radiation from wifi, cordless landlines and many of his own devices that he invented!
    There are many studies showing harm and this microwave radiation has already been classified as a possible carcinogen by the IARC/WHO.

    • Kim Greenhouse Nov 14, 2013 @ 14:25

      Dear Sam,

      You are so right! Great questions. Thank you for your input.
      You may enjoy some of the segments we have done on electromagnetic pollution
      with David Stetzer from Stetzer Electric, Dr. Sam Milham and Dr. Magda Havas.
      They are all brave heroes that speak out and provide evidence of the scientific impacts of electrosmog.
      Thank you again.

      Kim Greenhouse

  • leah debruyn May 27, 2014 @ 10:37

    please put me on your email info list.
    thank you , leah

  • Bernard Mar 6, 2015 @ 14:51

    I hope Dr. Gonzalez is training other doctors to do Kelley’s programme. Just like Dr. Kelley did before him. Kim is right, there are only 2 people in the world that doing this kind of work. And that’s scary!

  • Lisa Ball May 12, 2015 @ 6:08

    I was happy to hear Dr. Gonzales mention that taking hormones can make cancer worse. There is a theory that estrogen (in particular) send messages to the cells to divide (think about how much cell division is required to grow a baby) and pancreatic enzymes are needed to shut the message off. But, if a person’s production of pancreatic enzymes is weak and/or impaired, the cell division cannot be turned off.

    see this article: http://www.ejuva.com/blog/why-some-raw-food-leaders-have-cancer.html

  • bernard Aug 5, 2015 @ 6:11

    OMG, I just found out today that Dr. Gonzalez just passed away Tuesday, July 21, 2015. So so so sad… Rest in Peace Dr. Gonzalez.

    • sandee Aug 12, 2015 @ 13:48

      He was murdered along with 9 other naturepathic and holistic doctors….

      See the article below by Natural News Mike Adams discussing the pharmaceutical block ops kill team hired to scare and destroy the lives and practices of these doctors…

      9 doctors in Florida including Dr Gonzalez. …43 missing in Mexico and many others around the country…..


  • sandee Aug 12, 2015 @ 14:27

    Is it suicide and natural causes or murder? That’s what everyone is wondering about the recent deaths of Dr. Jeff Bradstreet, Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez + several other holistic doctors. But, wait…there may be much more to these tragic deaths.

    There seems to be a connection between these doctors and GcMAF (a cancer cure), nagalase – a highly-toxic enzyme created by cancer cells and viruses plus serious questions surrounding vaccines. Here’s the full story:


    Stories on all the dead doctors.. It’s now abundantly obvious that a full-scale war has been declared against medical progress and the pioneering doctors who are trying to save lives.


  • Kevin Duraj Apr 6, 2017 @ 13:24

    I am sorry, I have an only master’s degree in Computer Science, and not in medical science. However, I am looking on the world based on facts by analyzing big data rather based on who said what.

    Cancer is the second leading causes of death in the United States

    Question 1: Are all these hundreds of thousands of people that die every by cancer are refusing to pursue traditional cancer treatment?
    Answer 1: The majority of these people were pursuing traditional cancer treatment, despite they died anyway.

    Question 2: Does traditional cancer treatment work?
    Answer 2: Based on the data that we are seeing, and Cancer remains second leading death in the United States, the answer is: “Traditional cancer treatment does not work.”

  • Lisa Apr 9, 2018 @ 23:38

    RIP Dr. Gonzalez

  • Alexander Jacques Sabucido Nov 23, 2019 @ 22:11

    Important story that we should be aware of as to why Steve Jobs really died.

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