Edwin Vieira – Can the Government Force You to Buy Anything?

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Edwin Vieira

Edwin Vieira

Whether you are for or against the Affordable Care Act and mandated medical insurance that just passed the Supreme Court ruling in June, it is useful to examine what the ramifications of this decision really are, because most of us really don’t know what just happened because we are passionately swept up by the for or against mandate for medical insurance and what should be done. Now that some of the dust has settled from the decision, we really should look deeply into what this really means, what the ramifications are and will be and what the potential dangers are in this government decision to force Americans to buy something that they either don’t want to buy or can’t really afford. Edwin Vieira returns to the show as a constitutional attorney and author of the landmark book Pieces of Eight to lay out the precise detail of what we need to pay attention to regarding what really took place and the true nature of the Affordable Care Act Supreme Court ruling. Join us for a very passionate discussion with Edwin Vieira, one of the most brilliant constitutional attorneys in the country.

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  • Jeanette Miller Dec 6, 2012 @ 2:16

    What?! Is our government THAT anti-American? Thanks for your voice and information..what IS our fate as citizens of the USA?

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