Eilene Galloway – International Space Treaty

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Since 1967, nations have cooperated to secure the use of outer space for exploration and peaceful purposes. The space treaty was formed that year in an international effort to lay down the clear context and highest intentions for the exploration of outer space.

However, there was one glitch. A slight and unresolved opening in the language of the space treaty is being exploited by people in different parts of the world. Interest in commercializing space is growing. Outer space appears to be on the market. Celestial bodies are being sold as property. People and organizations are paying money for lunar deeds. Monies are being transacted in this area of business. Ownership laws on earth are being projected into space. We need to understand the promise of this International treaty, its historical context, and the current details and challenges surrounding it.

The imagination is exciting and the prospect of the future beyond this planet are compelling. However, there is danger lurking when the polarization and misuse of power on earth begins to have its way in outer space. I was deeply saddened when it became clear to me that earth is on the market, but when I found out that outer space may be on the market, I was horrified.

Buckle up, because Eilene Galloway is going to take us on an adventure through history. She has 98 earthly years of experience and is quite capable of communicating the most important elements regarding the living history of this subject that can be known today. Join us on this stellar occasion as we learn how the space treaty was formed. The next step for humankind may be revealed in this broadcast segment.

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