Ellen Brown – Do Free Markets Still Exist?

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Ellen Brown, author of Web of Debt

Ellen Brown

A few weeks ago I interviewed Scott Patterson, who wrote the New York Times bestseller The Quants. We covered quite a bit of ground in that interview; I thought I was done with the subject until I read Ellen Brown’s new article, Computerized Front Running, Another Goldman Dominated Fraud.

We were obviously tracking something similar, but Ellen Brown had been interviewed on Max Keiser only to find out through her conversation with Max that he had filed a special patent years ago to do something beneficial with financial markets. Apparently, the powers that be in the financial arena turned his patent into a new breed of trading called high-frequency trading. This now gives rise to new questions and thought-provoking discussions about whether free markets exist – and, if they don’t, what it will take to bring them back.

Ellen Brown, author of Web Of Debt, returns to the show to share new findings and insights with us and to discuss whether free markets still exist.

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  • max Oct 1, 2012 @ 17:27

    This is good to know. I always thought it was the Oil Boom that made N.D. rich.

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