From AI to Enterprise- Charting The Future

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In this next podcast commentary, Kim finds herself reflecting on many profound concerns and questions, not only within the realm of AI technology, but also within the personal corridors of her life experiences. In her latest talk for “It’s Rainmaking Time!”, originally planned as a commentary about AI into the transformative and disruptive world of artificial intelligence, she delivers this commentary exploring the uncharted territories of our interaction with AI and its broader personal and societal implications.

Halfway through Mo Gawdat’s “Scary Smart,” a riveting blockbuster book on the revelations about AI’s current and potential impacts, forced a pause and a reevaluation of not just the technology itself, but our place within its rapidly evolving narrative. This insight has led her to postpone her AI-centric discussion to the late summer of 2024, allowing time for a richer, more informed exploration.

The lens of this commentary turns inwards and outwards sharing personal revelations and preparing for future podcasts that promise to dissect these technological marvels with the rigor they deserve.

Join us as we prepare to engage these crucial conversations. Whether it’s the integration of AI into human biology, the ethical matters that we must navigate, or the simple yet profound acts of understanding our own roles within these narratives.

Kim also shares some big changes with It’s Rainmaking Time! about her new business website and some shows that you don’t want to miss. The future is arriving faster than we ever expected and many of us are not prepared for what has already arrived and what we all will be faced with in the near future.

Join us for this New Frontier of complexity, inquiry and preparation.

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