Gender Identity, Speaking the Unspeakable in The Eye of The Storm

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This talk is for mature audiences. It’s nuanced, layered, cumulative and like a wave. It’s intended to deliver a contextual orientation to this subject. It’s not necessary that anyone agree with the content. It’s intended to ignite conversation and expand the realm of insight, wisdom and clarity.

At this unsettling time in history, where conflict and anxiety is at an all time high, with diverging perspectives on just about everything from climate to gender; its’ really easy to become polarized and fall prey to mean-spirited reflexive personal attacks. In fact, the entire spectrum of dialogue has eroded into conflicts that shut down discussion, rather than expand important and much needed dialogue.

For the first time, Kim Greenhouse, who has produced and hosted over 420 segments of It’s Rainmaking Time! with best-selling authors, heads of industry, change agents, creative artists, entrepreneurs and visionaries, personally steps into the space and addresses the most taboo aspects of the realm & brings expanded understanding and offers up clear distinctions between biological gender and gender identity.

While it appears that by not staying within the current circulating social narrative about Gender, one has to literally be brave to even speak, as the mere discussion of and about this subject is wrought with highly charged and often acrimonious consequences, like being de-platformed on the internet, having ones name and reputation destroyed, access to doing business shut off and people have personally received death threats.

Kim does everything she can to Speak the Unspeakable in The Eye of This Storm. We hope that you share this Special Commentary far and wide and that it opens up discussions that are long overdue and important. Enjoy the Show!

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