Healing for All Time-A Gift for Everyone

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Healing for All Time is an invitation to call in a new book of life; that’s meant to shine the light on the many kinds of events that have led up to personal and mass- level suffering, that remain alive and active in the modern day.

In this special, Kim specifically names the kinds of  events and scenarios that keep repeating themselves throughout human history and offers up a kind of Ceremonial Amends to cleanse the existing unfinished business that’s impacting people today.

New ground is established to avoid having to repeat the same cycles of suffering, generation after generation. It may surprise many of you to hear Kim share several personally revealing stories about her childhood as a competitive tournament tennis player, having grown up in Beverly Hills with access to Celebrities and the Legends of Entertainment.

She shares about what happened when she met Master Thich Nhat Hahn, that changed her perception of herself and her life. She offers up the public a surprise recording of a Greenhouse family gathering that promises to induce wild laughter.

For those of you who are up for a magical adventure of the heart, that promises to light the flame of triumph, encouragement and mission, journey with us into the life and vision of Kim Greenhouse – her Artistry and Personal Discoveries.

We wish to thank Bruce Barker & Harpist Steven Rees for breathing life into this occasion.

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