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The OceanGate Disaster
An Occasion for Reflection

The recent OceanGate disaster should have never happened! This podcast is a wake-up call about why transparent leadership and disclosure is so important.

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You Voted, We Listened!

Patrick McKeonWe conducted a poll asking what topics you’d like us to cover, and the results are in! We’re excited to share an interview with Patrick McKeown, a world-renowned expert on breathing. Discover the transformative power of proper breathing and its profound impact on sleep, health, and even children’s development.

Let us know what you think about the interview and how it has impacted your understanding of breathing..

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There’s No Such Thing as The News

Kim gives a passionate commentary about the fact that there is ‘No Such Thing As The News!‘ and she explains why in detail. Look-out!

Calling in The U.S. Constitution

Dr. Edwin Vieira, PhD & JD, is one of the most important Legal Minds regardingthe reality and application of The US Constitution. He hits it out of the park.

Revelations from The Kama Sutra

Seema Anand joins us to share the many jewels & social revelations of
The Kama Sutra and The Pleasuring of Women.

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