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Action Pet Express – Pet Travel Agent

Jerry Mishler, the founder of Action Pet Express, helps us navigate the complexities of pet travel by air in today’s busy world. Many pet lovers would not want to travel without their beloved companions on long trips across the country or the world. Throughout the years, the pet travel industry has had its share of horror stories. Because of these unfortunate incidents, many of us have negative perceptions of certain airlines, and are afraid to bring our beloved pets with us to a foreign destination.

The majority of the public is unfamiliar with the ins and outs of pet travel. Pet owners are often ill-prepared to set up their loving animals for a comfortable, successful journey by plane. Many do not understand the differences involved in storing an animal in the plane’s cargo or baggage areas. Common mistakes include transporting pets in inappropriate containers, giving pets drugs to knock out or sedate them, and feeding them too close to travel time. As a result, pet travel can become very complicated – but it doesn’t have to be!

Pet owners who are looking to minimize the stress and complications involved in pet travel might be tempted to hire a middleman. Unfortunately, a middleman might increase the cost of pet travel by thousands of dollars! The average person might find pet travel so expensive or inconvenient that they give up the thought of taking their pet with them. In some cases, they may even decide against traveling to a new location where they wish to live or work.

This segment is dedicated to animal lovers and pet owners everywhere. If you can’t imagine relocating to another state or country without your pet, join us with pet travel expert Jerry Mishler and find out how you can plan a successful pet travel experience.

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