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Jim Humble

Jim Humble

On a mining expedition in Guyana in 1996, Jim Humble saved the lives of two of his crew members who became severely infected with malaria. He gave them a strong dose of chlorine dioxide, the active ingredient in the Master Mineral Solution or “MMS”. Four hours later they were back on their feet, eating dinner and joking with each other.

Bishop Jim Humble, the author of The Miracle Mineral Solution of the 21st Century and The Master Mineral Solution of the 3rd Millennium, believes in good health for all mankind. In 2010, Jim founded the Genesis II Church of Health and Healing, a non-religious church devoted to curing the sick and providing legal protection to those who do so. Today, 300+ Health Ministers in over 60 countries provide sacraments of Cleansing Water to the sick, and have treated over 5 million people for a variety of conditions using MMS, saving hundreds of thousands of lives and ending suffering for hundreds of thousands more.

MMS is an effective water purifier, but it kills harmful microorganisms and viruses as well. In May 2013, Jim Humble cooperated with the Red Cross to cure over 150 malaria cases with MMS in Luuka, Uganda. Last year, he successfully treated over 800 people with HIV/AIDS. MMS has even shown promising results for individuals suffering from autism.

Using the word “cure” attracts the scorn of the pharmaceutical cartel, and may be more trouble than it is worth for secular organizations or individuals – but by founding a unique church to serve mankind, Jim has found an innovative way to tell it like it is and ensure public access to this remarkable solution for years to come. Join us with Genesis II archbishop Jim Humble and journalist Daniel Bender as we shed light on the science, the results, and the promise of MMS.

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  • mhikl Sep 8, 2013 @ 21:10

    I have come to the point where I am thoroughly disgusted with the medical system to the point of contempt. I just read about the horrors that took place in England where whistle blowers finally brought investigation from parliament. The fuel in this latest Rainmaker report is the final straw. The two people interviewed are truly caring human beings, the likes of which would be near impossible to find in the health fields.

    I just bought the first part of Mr Humble’s book “The Miracle Mineral Solution of the 21st Century” from the iBook Store and found that the care and kindness of this good man begins to shine at the Copyright Notice where he relinquishes all copyrights sixty days after his death, detention or reported missing and his book can then be distributed freely by all. I can say I was a little choked-up at this and stopped to give my prayer to “our conscious, ever being, ever connected, caring universe” that he may be safe and have a long life to share his efforts with the world. There is true joy to be found in selflessly helping others and the scale upon which this man has set his life is awe inspiring.

    Last night I revisited the documentary Psywar – Wake Up! (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NXg70qJQ6O0) and had been in the doldrums since watching it again. Listening to this interview reminded me that there are good people on this earth who go far beyond the over billed monument-builders and publicity seekers, true spirits who greatly care for others and dedicate their lives in honest deed. I knew Bill Gates and his new efforts to be a twisted fraud but I couldn’t put my finger exactly on it. Now I have the amo for discussion whenever the topic of that dreadful excuse for a humanitarian ever comes up.

    But I cannot leave on a sour note, so thank you again and again, Kim Greenhouse of “It’s Rainmaking Time” for your fearless bold moves to find the best of the best who in their own ways seek truly to serve our species and our world.

  • mhikl Jun 20, 2014 @ 8:22

    Kim, when you interview Dr Gabriela Segura could you question her on Jim’ Humble’s MMS. She has taken a very staunch stand against MMS which I was so surprised to find. Does she still stand vehemently against MMS? Her article of 2010, is still on her site.
    Are there instances where it is viable?
    I found her article mentioned when visiting Dr Sircus’s site. Warnings from two doctors (though he seems just to rely upon her article) is unsettling.

    I was using MMS drops but have not done so in about five months. I have occasionally been using it on my Corgi. She is so insistent on eating grass suddenly so I started giving it to her incase she had worms or other ailment. Of course I will not do this again until I can find further evidence of its safety.

    When it comes to food and supplements I often do have a keen sense of intuition. I wonder if this is why I have only occasionally used it over the past months rather than using it as per the protocol for health from Jim’s site.

    An important point to know is the possibility of its safety, or not, in purifying raw food. I do soak liver, heart and tendons/ligaments in a solution in the refrigerator over night as I and my dog ingest these raw, daily. The full complex of glucosamine from bone broth and the addition of the raw connective tissues has produced a miraculous improvement to the pain for both my Corgi’s and my damaged hips. To be without pain for the first time since round 1981 has certainly changed my life for the better. I do suppose I could blanch the tendons instead.

    And on a lighter note, do tease Dr Segura on her stand on smoking. I like to blame the good doctor for my few daily smokes. 🙂 Is it my intuition or my tendency to convenient excuse-making that I have never accepted, totally, the dangers of moderate smoking?

    I am very much looking forwards to your interview with this fine lady.
    Namaste and care,

    PS I do hope you will also be interviewing Nora Gedgaudas at some point. I have nicknamed this lovely, intelligent lady my Primal Goddess of Body and Mind, coined from her book, “Primal Body, Primal Mind”. It is the most thorough testament to ancient, natural health I have yet come upon. I would be curious to know what she thinks about Mr Humble’s medicine.

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