Joan Shenton – Reexamining AIDS

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Joan Shenton

Joan Shenton

The world has lived under the shadow of AIDS since it was officially recognized by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) in 1981. In the last three decades, national and international health organizations and pharmaceutical companies have conducted a great deal of research – and considerably shifted the public’s perception of sex. Today, we are still no closer to an “official” cure – and Joan Shenton, the director of Meditel Ltd. and the Immunity Resource Foundation, knows why. Joan Shenton’s forthcoming documentary, Positively False: Birth of a Heresy, draws on Meditel’s extensive video archive featuring dissident scientists, journalists, and activists who challenge the link between HIV and AIDS – and explores the effect of the infectious theory for AIDS across Africa, Europe, and the United States. Tune in for a controversial and enlightening interview as as Joan Shenton lays out the devastating social impact of the HIV/AIDS myth.

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  • Damian Laster Jul 17, 2012 @ 15:29

    I am a survivor of the HIV debacle and crisis.
    Thank you for interviewing Nancy Turner Banks, M.D. on your radio program about her book “Aids, Opium, Diamonds and Empire…” I have been raising awareness about this issue since 1998. I have attached some of my works for your consideration and would love to tell my story on your radio program or help raise awareness in any way I can. Please see the attached files which include the revised edition of my book “The Rainbow Warrior: Healing HIV Through Chakra Awareness, an article called “Let HIV Set You Free”, a Master’s Thesis entitled “Metaphysician Heal Thyself”, a dissertation called “From HIV to Kundalini: Awakening The Divine Feminine Within” and a radio interview I did on Living In Black back in December of 2011. A former Special Education Teacher in Behavior Disorders and a Pre-K Lead Teacher, I currently teach classes in the Metaphysics of Self Healing free to the public. I also speak on a panel called “Ask The Experts” at The AIDS Evolution Project”, an offshoot of AIDATLANTA, as a Holistic Medicine advocate. I begin classes in August 2012 to become a Licensed Counselor in Mental Health.

    I know you are likely a busy man and might not be able to get back to me for a while.
    Thanks for all you do.
    Damian Laster

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