Joe Noonan – Celebrating Dolphins: Our Beloved Family Members

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Joe Noonan

Joe Noonan

Joe Noonan, the founder of Planetary Partners, is a man of many hats. He has worked as a healer (using shiatsu massage, reflexology, and flower essences), owned and operated a construction company, run a private psychotherapy practice, and worked as a wilderness guide for Outward Bound schools. In 1990, Joe Noonan founded the Quantum Leadership Project to teach leadership and teambuilding programs for educational institutions and Fortune 500 companies and began offering leadership retreats to business executives. After a life-changing experience swimming with a pod of wild dolphins in Hawaii, he began organizing trips for groups and families to swim with them. In a time when humanity feels disconnected with nature, Joe Noonan facilitates the building of bridges between humans and other species. Because of their gentle natures and seemingly innate benevolence towards humans, he sees dolphins as spiritual beings who simply want to teach us about kindness and help us understand the questions that have always plagued humanity: who are we, and what are we doing here? Join us with Joe Noonan as we discuss these marvelous creatures and what they can teach us about ourselves.

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  • Erica Gaon Jul 20, 2013 @ 11:11

    When Joe was describing the scene in Japan and explaining how he was handling
    The horror of the practice, it brought tears and touched me profoundly. I really love the
    Respectful way you interview people and still give your honest opinion

    Thank you for your shows. I never listen to radio or watch TV; each of your segments
    Is so amazing, educational and awe inspiring.

    May you be BLESSED

    • Kim Greenhouse Jul 21, 2013 @ 18:12

      Dear Erica,

      Thank you for tuning in and noticing what you mentioned. I appreciate it.
      May you be blessed too. Actually, it sounds like you already are.

      It’s Rainmaking Time!

      Kind Regards,
      Kim Greenhouse

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