John Ellis – The Hydrogen Bonding Angle of Water

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John Ellis (1953)

John Ellis

Inventor John Ellis has revolutionized water filtration for decades with a lightweight, patented technology for energizing and distilling tap water. Sickly and weak from radium treatments in his youth, John began to look for a way to reverse the damage. He developed a device that would recycle water hundreds of times per gallon – a much more thorough process than the water filtration processes commonly used in the public domain. By using a proprietary method for heating, cooling, and distilling water, John Ellis was able to produce water 827 times purer than what comes out of municipal water supplies. The results, verified by York Labs, confirmed that water from John’s machines was even purer than the lab standard for pure water.

John Ellis is an alumnus of The Choate School and Lafayette College, where he earned an engineering degree in steam plant design. He went on to work at Douglas Aerospace and later Honeywell, where he developed his patented technology for recycling, energizing, and distilling water.

its rainmaking time learned in 2004 that simply filtering or heating water is an ineffective measure against infection by pathogenic bacteria. Our interview with the stewards of the water industry highlighted the fact that removing toxic materials from water does not remove their energetic signatures.

In our ongoing investigation of the science of water, we learned about the healing and energetic properties of structured water, which is determined by the hydrogen bonding angle. Many experts say that these results will help increase the effectiveness of drugs for impotence. According to John Ellis, whereas the bonding angle for ordinary water is 104 degrees, and 101 degrees for distilled water, the bonding angle between hydrogen molecules in water produced by his device is 114 degrees. Water that has been structured this way holds up to 3000% more energy, and is sufficient to destroy disease markers in the bloodstream.

John Ellis’ water filtration methodology represents a major step forward in personal health empowerment, anti-aging, and disease prevention. Join us with the inventor himself as we discuss the history, evidence, and testimonials that support this unprecedented breakthrough in water structuring technology.

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  • Mike Gaensslen Mar 2, 2014 @ 9:29

    You haven’t got a clue what water is all about! Read Schauberger.

    • Site Admin Mar 2, 2014 @ 9:41


      Consider this your first warning.

      As the host of It’s Rainmaking Time!® and the President of The Rainmaking Company, Ms. Greenhouse has been researching the science of water for over a decade; and John Ellis has been developing and working with this technology for decades. Telling either Ms. Greenhouse or the guest they “haven’t got a clue” is not only poor advocacy for Schauberger’s work, but also rude and dismissive. It does not contribute to discussion, and it’s certainly not constructive.

      Our site policy details our guidelines for engaging in discussion. Please read it. If you’d like to keep commenting here, I encourage you to be polite.

      • mhikl Mar 4, 2014 @ 9:43

        Site Admin,
        It is good to set high standards in policy. Rude behaviour seems prevalent on many forums and distracts from healthy discussion. Such behaviour comes, I suspect, from anger and rage, often not understood or even recognised by the poster him/erself.
        Mr Schauberger’s name has been mentioned on Rainmaking pod castes before and a conscientious thinker, familiar with this site would understand or at least suspect this to be so. The mention of Schauberger’s name goes to support the work and give credence to the work and studies of those who have followed his enlightenment on the subject.
        Namaste and care,

        • Site Admin Mar 4, 2014 @ 12:10

          Thank you, mhikl. If memory serves, Kim’s interview with MJ Pangman (available in the “related posts” section above) delves into Victor Schauberger’s water research.

          Mike, if you’ve yet to hear that segment, it may be right up your alley. Perhaps you’d be interested in reviewing it and starting a constructive discussion of Schauberger’s work (as it relates to the segment)?

  • Gold Wolf Mar 2, 2014 @ 16:10

    Outstanding information. Thank you.

  • Kim Mar 2, 2014 @ 16:19

    The first thing I noticed was how young and healthy you look.
    It wasn’t until the end of the interview that it is confirmed that you are drinking the water.
    Great interview!

  • david longenhagen Mar 3, 2014 @ 7:20

    Good stuff, now if we can get to figure a way to eliminate heavy water……..

  • Nicole Mar 3, 2014 @ 13:34

    OK now I’m confused.
    Which water for those with health issues?
    John Ellis or Dan Nelson?

    • Robert Mar 3, 2014 @ 16:38

      What about the others? – The ones who are guys from, men from etc? Don’t they have names?

    • mhikl Mar 4, 2014 @ 17:48

      Nicole, we often see complexity where there isn’t. I haven’t used Mr Ellis’s machine and the water that it produces but I have use both Dan Nelson’s and Clayton Nolte’s structured waters. Between those two I can’t determine the difference. I suspect that structured water is structured water. One may be more ‘structured’ than the other (different angles) but if all three waters get into the cells, might not that be the answer to your question? The one that has the smaller angel may demand less water. The smaller may give a different or enhanced energy, but that is where the confusion lies. I believe Mr Nolte indicated that there was more than one angle in his water.
      But like you, I have questions but shall wait until I have been able to gather more information on this water from Mr Ellis’s machine. His site seems a bit confusing.
      Interestingly, I have also discovered a prayer method that connects us with the energy of the universe and structures both water in showers and in drinks and the water in our bodies. It makes me feel good during the prayer session with the drinking water, under the water in the shower or when just using the positioning. I use a form of Mr Nolte’s prayer to the universe when using this method.
      You can find the first video here:
      His name is David L. Kaas and I search under his name on youtube whenever I wish to review any of his videos. Strangely, the position he uses is found in ancient statures and paintings of various religions through place and time.
      Namaste and care,

  • mhikl Mar 3, 2014 @ 22:15

    Kim, I have been using Mr Notle’s shower unit for both the structuring of shower and drinking water since your interview with him, eighteen months ago. Within the first day drinking the water the palms of my hands plumped up and lost the sunken dips, extremely fine lines and dehydrated look. Pressing on the fatty pad below the thumb of the palms, the skin now immediately returns to fullness. Before, the skin took time enough to boring before returning to normal. My skin improved, both its colour, thickness and youthfulness with the very fine lines disappearing. Interestingly, checking out young people in their twenties, they have the fine lines while I, nearing three times their age now have none. There is something about water that is beyond common knowledge and assumptions and I thank you for bringing this information to us.

    The thing about Mr Ellis’s water is that if his results are true, then there is a miracle happening. Many of his successes are verifiable. I shall continue my studies into his mechanism before taking steps into this new source of water health.

    This is not the first time that the laws of physics have been questioned on Rainmaking Time. Dr. Pari Spolter and Newton’s 3rd? Law comes to mind. I’d mention Einstein, but that bird’s flight crashed long ago.

    I also want to thank you for the interviews you had with Judy Wood. I checked out the Scientific Method, and indeed she is right. The second step to the method is not mentioned. Here it is, with rule # 2 added:

    The Scientific Method is a process scientists must follow in determining the workings of the universe. There are five basic components to the scientific method:
    1. From observations of the natural world, determine the nature of the phenomenon that is interesting to you (i.e. ask a question or identify a problem).
    2*. Collect as much data from observation and measurement as possible.
    3. Develop one or more hypotheses, or educated guesses, to explain this phenomenon. The hypotheses should be predictive – given a set of circumstances, the hypothesis should predict an outcome.
    4. Devise experiments to test the hypotheses. All valid scientific hypotheses must be testable.
    5. Analyse the experimental results and determine to what degree do the results fit the predictions of the hypothesis.
    Without the second rule a viable hypothesis wasn’t possible.
    We do indeed live in interesting times. Great changes may be upon us sooner than we think.

  • tony Mar 6, 2014 @ 22:08

    Dear Kim,
    I really like your shows, and admire everything you stand for, I think what you’re doing is wonderful , you’re a pioneer yourself, I learn something from listening to each one of your segment, i’m looking for a good water filtering machine for me and my love one, i did some looking into JE water machine and it seem there’s mix reviews about his machines some good, some really bad so i want to know what are YOU using for your house? and which machine do you preferred? I’m not interested in accusing anybody water filtering machine or method a scam, I’m only interested in getting the good reliable machine.

    here are some links to the JE water machine

    • Kim Greenhouse Mar 9, 2014 @ 19:39

      Dear Tony,

      With respect to the four links you’ve posted above, remember: there are always smear campaigns to confuse the public and divert the focus off the benefits of great products. These smear campaigns often come from the same sources. Follow the science and forget the smear campaigns.

      I use a hybrid system of many things in my house. I do not own or have ever used John Ellis’ Machine. When inventors are pound wise, they send me their best products like Clayton Nolte did with his water filters. I have enjoyed them in my shower and as a travel filter. He was gracious and sent them to me at no charge and was thrilled that I would use them. I still feel like I can give honest feedback about anyones products if I use them. Right now, I personally use water that is reverse osmosis run through a magnetite, zeolite and KDH bag in a pitcher. I also charge water using products from Essential Mother Earth. If they provide value, I tell everyone I know about them that I love and care about. The bottle I was drinking out of on my show is my own favorite Cobalt Blue Bottle that I drink my water out of everyday. I like beautiful bottles and water that gives me vitality, helps my body cleanse and become stronger and hydrates me at the most optimal of levels. I am attracted to water that is loved and cared for to be in my body. I pray over my water no matter what anyone thinks about me. I have been into water for 10 years. Thank you for all of your kind compliments.

      • mhikl Mar 10, 2014 @ 13:07

        Kim, what a wonderful comment. There are the close-minded, the open-minded and the skeptical open-minded who challenge their every thought in the quest to gain true knowledge. You seem to be of the true knowledge gainer and I strive my best to be so, too. I actually get a thrill finding a dearly held idea is wrong for only then can I challenge it.
        I am not a religious person but I am spiritual (a lazy Buddhist, actually) and I truly believe (hope never to have this belief over-turned, but . . .) “good thoughts and prayers are energising”. Clayton has a wonder note on prayer at his site and he explained it kindly to me when I phoned him prior to getting my portable shower unit. That prayer, always somewhat modified in my ramble, makes me feel good whenever I use it: upon waking, during the day, as I structure my water in the shower under his unit and over my water containers and at bed time. My prayer to all sentient beings from bacteria to my fellow-Earthlings 🙂 to the universe and its inhabitance just energises me and helps me release anger and resentments, instantly.
        When we children were young my mum would squeeze the seven of us into the Volkswagen and take us the few miles to a secluded field with trees around a brook with a pond in its middle that gave us so much pleasure. Truly, my adventures with structured spiritual water began there and today, structuring my water through gismo and prayer brings back those wildly, carefree times for a moment of bliss, “And that has”, as Mr Frost wrote “made all the difference”.
        Truly had it not been for “It’s Rainmaking Time” I would not be where I am today.
        Just a quick note: Along with Rainmaking Time, Nora Gedgaudas is looking after my physical health.

      • rawtruth Mar 30, 2014 @ 2:06

        Kim, it was your interview with Dan Nelson in late 2011 that led me to his work. I was so impressed with his understanding and work with water that I joined his Positron group and have been drinking his Wayback Water for almost a year. In October I attended a rather mind-blowing level 2 seminar with Dan in Missouri.

        I am curious about the following:
        –Did you experiment yourself with Dan’s water? If so, what were your findings?
        –Why haven’t you had Dan back on to discuss his Solid State Technology?

        Thanks for all you do for the planet and humanity!


    • john ellis Mar 10, 2014 @ 10:56

      Tony should realize we have been in business for 40 years and we have been a target of these people that all COPIED the first man that lists dozens of respectable M.D.’s in the alternative health field that he smears to produce income for himself. He uses a form of extortion to obtain good comments i.e. If you “donate” he will make a positive comment and won’t sue you if you decide to answer his false statements! He has been involved in dozens of lawsuits and lost every one as far as I know culminating with a comment from the judge in the last lawsuit that he also lost: “This man lacks credibility!” This has basically ended his career but there are plenty of copycats that use mostly made up blogs from thousands of filter/distiller Dealers all selling the SAME basic machine and yet they want you to think their product is “better”! NONE MAKE PURE WATER and yet they falsely advertise “Pure Water” but can’t distill down to 0.1 ppm TDS which is the lab standard for pure water. With start-stop boiling, we went down to “less than” 0.07 ppm (lab machine tests on the video). A CORNING lab still goes down to 0.14 ppm. Most importantly, we developed the Bond Angle change which is why the cooling water also produces a positive effect and can be made faster. Also, NONE of the products allow enough VIRUS & BACTERIA DESTRUCTION TIME ( 25 or 30 on my website under Scientific Data that cause disease). Viruses are so TINY they go through these products, even your skin and some survive boiling as they mutate! Most of this started after the Washington Post Investigative Article (1/27/92) with “10,000 people/day” going to get water with my patent description: “The “curative power is the result of the water going back and forth” etc also noted by Kim. We never did anything about the harassment because all the added publicity has helped our sales! Most ;people see through all this as noted by our tremendous success and our “one of a kind” 418 acre property on top of a mountain we bought in Shohola, PA which during construction was the largest project in Pike County. Heavy power was brought 2 1/2 miles to the property by the utility at no charge. With miles of roads, estate lighting and all utilities underground in keeping with the natural surroundings, the Gatehouse alone (shown in the video) was appraised and insured for $5 million on this $100 million property. I am telling you this because our water machine customers are invited by the Project Manager to parties at the Pavilion. Not bad for “such a terrible product” with 13 patents and an 84 year old inventor that is living proof this works!!

  • john ellis Mar 8, 2014 @ 20:19

    We give out free water samples if you want to check out the changes in the properties of water which children in eighth grade have done! All you need is a battery and a couple of wires! Dah! I have been an aerospace engineer at Douglas Aerospace and Honeywell. Any engineer has degrees that include chemistry and I would put more credibility into the comments of a retired 80 year old professor with two chemistry engineering degrees from MIT and a 94 year old man like Gilbert Colomb de Daunant from Andora and New York (Prince Rainier’s Cousin) with exploits during WW2 that is written up in history books by the president of MIT when he risked his life saving Jews from death camps. His brother Denys, thrown in jail for insulting a German officer, had guests at his home in Camargue that included Picasso, Chagall, Ernest Hemingway and Salvador Dali who used me for his “Christ in the Andes” when he was staying at the St. Regis Hotel in New York. Why would you quote a chemistry teacher from an obscure university with an agenda and a picture with eyes half closed because he is so high on drugs?

  • john ellis Mar 8, 2014 @ 22:13

    I wasn’t sure the above would go through: Kim is a beautiful person to take on this subject in spite of comments by people that have no degrees in this field with their own agenda usually asking for “donations to continue their important work”. Obviously these people can’t be that stupid when a child in grade school can expose their devious comments. As an example, let’s take the retired chemistry teacher. If you look at his earlier website making fun of Americans that read the Bible (“scary bible quotes”) and “Jesus dressup” (making fun of Jesus on the cross). Who would quote these people?? It says more about the people making the comments like a recent book puting down an American icon like Norman Rockwell who isn’t alive to defend himself! I grew up in New Rochelle New York where he lived for 25 years. We all knew and loved the man. I knew many of the people he used on his Saturday Evening Post covers like Jack Ranges, Eddie Newman and Bob West, the son of Dr James E. West, the chief scout executive that my family knew for 3 generations. In fact, he had a party at his estate on North Ave in New Rochelle for about 80 friends in those days and presented me with my boy scout uniform when I was about 12 years old. Norman Rockwell did the editing and covers for Boy’s Life (the scouting magazine). As stated, we all loved the the man and we question why an American icon would be trashed to make money off his name while attempting to destroy everything that is great about America? All the answers to questions about water are on our websites including, etc. Call 570 296-0214 for a free water sample and measure the bond angle change or contemplate why our water is a matter of public record at the Dept. of Environmental Quality (DEQ) when the “light tap water” treated an “untreatable” municipal waste lagoon which led to a 7-page contract from Dole Foods after 9 months of testing (it’s all available to any machine buyer).

  • david longenhagen Mar 10, 2014 @ 7:43

    this is really good stuff, the hydrogen bond angle is another plausability of the actualiuty of electrons as standing ways caused by action within the atom. in this case the changes are causing the molecule to actually diverge into another configuration. good stuff, very functional interview.

    • Rafay Aug 19, 2014 @ 14:47

      Do you know any chemistry or physics???

  • Hank Heister Mar 10, 2014 @ 14:29

    Thanks Kim, your work continues to be excellent! I have had the pleasure talking with John. I have used his machine for over ten years and love the results that we have had. I’ve been a health coach for over thirty years and credit much of our success to our water consumption from John’s machine. When people/clients visit and drink the water they all have the same reaction – “great water”! John’s machine can be a bit of a challenge fitting it into your lifestyle however it is beyond worth doing for your life value! Thank you again for your work.

  • tony Mar 12, 2014 @ 17:04

    Kim, thankyou for sharing your views and knowledge, and providing valueable information to the human being. Please continue to be your wonderful self and do whatever it is your doing!
    “One single act of righteous can tip the balance of good and evil in mankind”

  • andrew Jul 4, 2014 @ 6:09

    2 points….

    1. heating and cooling, heating and cooling, sounds like reflux boiling which has been around for ages!

    2. 360 divide by pi is 114.6. The arc length of 114.6 is the diameter of the circle. Maybe this special water works because the 114 bond angle is very nearly 114.6? He does not state the bond angle to the 1st decimal place? Or is it 114.0?

    It is usually not a mere coincidence when pi (3.14) makes an appearance!

    • Rafay Aug 19, 2014 @ 14:46

      It’s not a coincidence!
      It’s a shoddy company selling shoddy junk to credulous fools!
      (Who wouldn’t buy a product based on pi science?)

    • Chris Cogan Dec 12, 2014 @ 16:44

      Andre says: “It is usually not a mere coincidence when pi (3.14) makes an appearance!”

      But, of course, pi DOESN’T make an appearance. It is simply forced into the situation by Ellis, apparently just to exploit the crude coincidence that 114 is approximately equal to 360 divided by pi. He provides absolutely no reason at all for even supposing that his bad math is of ANY kind of significance beyond helping to sell overpriced distilling machines.

      And, in any case, their is no evidence that it is even possible to change the angle of the hydrogen atoms from about 104.5 degrees. If he somehow forced such a change to a water molecule, it would instantly pop back to 104.5 degrees, so there would hardly be any point to doing it.

      • andrew Dec 13, 2014 @ 12:18

        well, either it’s 114 or it’s not…

        I do not have the equipment, samples or expertise to verify for myself!

        • Doug Flournoy May 23, 2021 @ 10:08

          1. Ellis seems woefully uninformed, the bond of which speaks is not a hydrogen bond, it is an oxygen hydrogen bond. I surmise he does not know what a hydrogen bond is. 2. Your body does not electrolyze water to form molecular oxygen and molecular hydrogen. 3. The bond angle of the water molecule is 104.5 and except for some bending vibrational energy states, transitions to which are supported by ambient thermal energy, it does not vary. 4. No amount of heating and cooling will change the bond angle of water from 104.5. There is much more to say but I surmise that Ellis is engaged in fraud.

          • Kim Greenhouse Sep 8, 2021 @ 7:12

            Dear Doug,

            Thank you for taking the time to inform the public. I do not agree that he is a fraud. I do agree that the water
            universe of discovery is beyond where he is. Many inventors have good products and often get lost along the way.

          • ion Sep 4, 2023 @ 15:13

            I think you are the one misinformed. The bond angles do change. Any chemistry book will explain this

  • Karen Paul Jul 28, 2014 @ 19:43

    Is wayback a spinning of john ellis water?which would you invest in if just getting starts on the
    Water endeavors for good health? That is if you could only choose one or the other?

    • Site Admin Aug 12, 2014 @ 8:44

      Kim has asked me to respond to this on her behalf: she recommends joining The Positron Group, a health association and learning space, and being in on Dan Nelson’s conference calls monthly, where you will be able to ask all your questions and have the proper discussions that are traditionally not allowed to happen in the USA. You’ll know what is right for you when you have the opportunity to learn more. We wish you the best!

  • Robert Jan 1, 2015 @ 14:34

    Just searching for the nitti-gritti on the most efficacious H2O. Research indicates that Potential of Hydrogen (pH) and homeostasis are fundamental elements associated with cellular metabolism. I am very anxious to move on a system that gurantees results. If any of these devices are as amazing as stated, word of mouth alone (internet) would reflect so. I am seeing here a degree of uncertainty which gives me pause. The principles are plausible, however, documented results and personal testimony have the greatest weight.

    • Yachiyo Yuki Jan 7, 2015 @ 22:43

      You can trust this one. it is world patented device.

      Lab test result is here.

      It is made in Japan.

      • Dr. Scott Jan 20, 2015 @ 14:41

        I have a machine. It requires the use of regular tap water run through my machine that purifies it, condenses the molecules for increased energy per ounce, and hydronically alters the bond angle of the hydrogen molecule to over 120 degrees. Using my machine has resulted in tens of thousands of people coming to my home for the water (as reported in 2013 by Online Life Magazine, way more recent than the10,000 headed to Mr. Ellis’s place in ’92). My filter is way cool and has LED lights. It comes with a guarantee you will live to 90+ years old. If you don’t, all I need is a letter signed by the deceased informing me of his death and I will refund the full purchase price, plus shipping. My machine is also a bit cheaper than the other machines. Also, if you take the water from the machine and run it through again, there is no telling how old you may live! Amazing! Incredible! Live a good life, be kind to others, love your family, drink my water for a long and healthy life. Know that hydrogen bond angles in water rule our lives!

        • KENDRA Jun 13, 2016 @ 20:07

          Can you send me the name of the machine? Thanks

        • s.ashok kumar Jun 26, 2016 @ 8:16

          sir,please send your device details.i want to buy this type of device.please help me if it is better than john ellis.please send web site address also.i want to know about device scientific back ground.
          thank you,
          s.ashok kumar

  • SirPhysics Mar 26, 2015 @ 9:11

    Here is what I have noticed from reading this site and many others.
    1. It is 100% impossible to change the hydrogen bond angle. VSEPR theory guarentees that the hydrogen bond angle will always be 104.5 degrees. Water’s electron subshells are negatively charged (basic scientific principle). To minimize the repulsion between each cell, the subshells are arranged in a tetrahedron with a bond angle of 104.5. It is IMPOSSIBLE, 100% impossible to change the hydrogen bond angle.
    2.Mr. Ellis’s claim that running electrons through water increses energy is absurd. Running electrons through water is akin to electrolysis, which is electrocuted water. What happens when you electrocute water? You seperate it into hydrogen and oxygen, rendering it undrinkable.
    3. You say in this site that “Water that has been structured this way holds up to 3000% more energy, and is sufficient to destroy disease markers in the bloodstream.” Disregarding what I said about VSEPR theory, how exactly does this increase the energy by 3000%?
    4. How does heating, cooling, and reheating water create energy? That is absolute BS.
    5. A quick sojourn to the US Patent Office reveals that Mr. Ellis owns several patents. Not one of them includes anything about electrons and water.
    6. “ANY LAB will tell you, many other health promoting activities can’t work without the ELECTRONS found in CHARGED WATER because OXYGEN levels have dropped to as low as 8%, in today’s water molecules, they are SMALLER and CAN’T HOLD the additional donor ELECTRONS (from OXYGEN) needed to make them work!! As a result, VIRUSES and BACTERIA are mutating out of control… CAUSING almost ANY problem you can name!” To quote his website. Water is H2O. There is no way water can be 8% oxygen and still be water.
    7.” That’s how we find out they have them because it’s not an approved device as yet although we now have FREE MACHINES available to them that were donated to us as a humanitarian gift including a gift that we received to combat EBOLA in Africa! After hearing about our machines, an African M.D. was so anxious to get one to fight Ebola he ordered an E5 ON HIS OWN CREDIT CARD and subsequently called us with the great results that led to a generous humanitarian gift from a wealthy benefactor that is known for many contributions to help society. As a result of this gift, if the hospitals in Africa want a machine…all they have to do is contact us!!”
    If JE water can cure Ebola, why have none of us heard anything on the news about it? Why is this “major breakthrough? not being used?
    8. If John Ellis can do this, what is up with his grammar? It is almost impossible to understand.
    9. John Ellis tells us on his website to not listen to the scientists and proven theories. He just dug his grave (figuratively). This is the mark of pseudoscience. Why doesn’t he want us to listen to scientists? Because he knows he’s wrong.
    In conclusion, JE water is definetely a fake scam. Any health effects are most likely caused by the placebo effect.

    • Athan Bloom Aug 18, 2015 @ 12:24

      Dear Sir Physics,

      Your claims are outlandishly un-factual and just because you haven’t yet discovered the world is round yourself you claim your statements to be fact. My issue is not with claims supporting John Ellis water but your uneducated misstatements. Fact- if you neutralize the surface tension of the water and hydrogen bond by elongating the elliptical orbit of the electrons which you explain is impossible, you have a neutral ph and not acidic so how do bad bacterial proliferate in a 7.2 neutral ph? The polarity of water allows to interact with electric fields just like your body. (Another scientifically proven fact) You really need to upgrade your education which is obviously it is not a result of applied science. Do you want to put your money where your mouth is?

    • a nappi Feb 1, 2016 @ 14:57

      Like many, I am not a scientists. I know little to nothing about the theories and processes discussed. I simply want a truthful answer, “Do any of these water machines really work as claimed?” Your comment has made sense even to me. Thank you for your effort.

  • Jeanna Dec 20, 2015 @ 15:23

    Hello Ms Kim Greenhouse,

    I have recently started researching John Ellis Living Water Machine’s and found your video which was very well done and you asked many questions I was seeking the answer too. Because I appreciate your opinion and experience I wanted to find out how you personally like his machine. A previous commener asked your opinion and you had not tried the machine at that time. Have you now had the opportunity to try it and what is your take on it?


  • Roi Sep 15, 2016 @ 22:43

    Sir P,
    Just because you have formed your life in such a way that you can’t buy top quality water equipment like John’s doesn’t give you the privilege of trying to spoil it for someone who can afford it. I’ve used this top quality result of “junk” space age science for 8 years and Johns claims have proven to be correct. I enjoyed the interview.
    Thanks Roi
    PS A lot of the truths Science has hung on to for years are crumbling when faced with “reality” if there is such a thing.

  • YoureAllRight Nov 1, 2016 @ 16:38

    So the simple truth every one of you is!

    John Ellis’ scientific claims are absurd or flat our impossible garbage. But his machine does produce the results he claims it does for some people.

    How is this possible?

    It’s called “The Placebo Effect.”

    Case closed.

    • Kim Greenhouse Nov 1, 2016 @ 17:14

      If it is science, it is able to be tested. Upon testing, it either does what he says it does or it doesn’t.
      I am sure there are many things that operate on the placebo effect. No doubts here. Case is not closed though
      until his devices are truly tested at a laboratory level. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us.

  • Byron Mar 4, 2017 @ 17:10

    Hello Kim,

    I enjoyed your show on John Ellis machine. I found myself saying, please ask this, lol
    One of the claims of the machine is it is producing deuterium depleted water, which if you look this up online you will see studies where DDW has produced many health benefits.

    I am very curious what the deuterium ppm level is with Johns water machine,but have not seen that tested anywhere. If you have a chance to ask him , would love to know. I have one of his machines and like the water. I am currently looking for a water analysis lab to test the deuterium level. so if anyone knows of a lab, be great to know. before and afters with cholesterol, blood markers are very easy tests to perform, as well as oxygen, thickness of the blood,ect…

    Other question I have, John seems to be eluding to the thought, that his water kills pathogens in the body. Has he said anything about that to you?

    Blessings to you , Byron

    • Kim Greenhouse Mar 15, 2017 @ 7:17

      Dear Byron,

      I don’t have any answers to your questions. I don’t have a professional relationship with John Ellis and I think you would have to ask someone who has and uses one of his machines to test the water for deuterium and research a lab who tests for it. We would be happy to find a lab who tests for it as part of service. We do tons of research and due diligence. Regarding his water killing pathogens in the body, if his science can be measured then one can demonstrate that the water assists in killing pathogens. I hope this answer helps. If you have further questions, please submit them as an email. Thank you for commenting and listening.

      Kind Regards,
      Kim Greenhouse

      • ion Sep 4, 2023 @ 15:18

        It’s 6 years later and still can’t find anyone who has tested his water for deuterium levels. This is THE most important thing to verify his claims

        • Kim Greenhouse Sep 8, 2023 @ 15:49

          Maybe you can test the water. You seem to want to verify his findings. Let us know. Thank you.

  • Joseph M Hossman Feb 19, 2018 @ 13:47

    I just wanted to know if you really want to help people, why charge so much for this machine. Someone like me on SSD fixed income will never be able to buy one.

    • Kim Greenhouse Feb 20, 2018 @ 16:40

      Dear Joseph,
      This is the show It’s Rainmaking Time! not Dr. Ellis’s water company. Feel free to contact him about what he charges. Inventors have to make their money back for their R and D and infrastructure. Maybe someone will donate one to you. In the meantime, contact Dan Nelson and listen to the show we did with him. Order a $40 dollar bottle of his water and follow his directions to start you out how to use it. Let us know how it works out for you. There is always a way. Thanks for tuning in.

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