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John Oberdorf

John Oberdorf has been painting surreal landscape art since he was a young man living in Oregon. Art News calls him “a student of ancient civilizations.” Brentwood Magazine calls his work “magical”. John Oberdorf is a true artist in every aspect of the word. His timeless art calls him to venture out on scientific and artistic expeditions into the southwest to seek clues to ancient civilizations and the mysteries of the ages. Join us as we introduce an ancient soul who opens windows into other dimensions through his initiatory art.

“My paintings manifest in a somewhat different form of what may be called Surrealism. They have taken shape in varying approaches to the arid landscape or landform that becomes a stage for symbols even as it is a symbol in itself; an enigma suspended in time. Evidence of human interaction with the land is part of this experience. I have gradually been drawn to another view of the surreal which reveals it to be much closer to the physical world and our understanding of what we interpret as real. The distance between dream and reality, the conscious and unconscious is not great and there are different levels of perception, which fade from one into another. The nature of surrealism unfolds in an experience of uncommon perception; a sudden occurrence in the psyche that gives rise to images and visions. My particular obsession with the past, both human and geological. I instinctively produce the images that evolve from a relentless interest. I paint not only for joy or by design, but from compulsion; the need to know things that remain mysterious or unanswerable. One cannot really explain that need and it is best that this is so. Perhaps there is a kind of answer in that realization. Ultimately, the questions a viewer asks are far more important than any answer I could give.” ~John Oberdorf

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  • Rebecca Sep 12, 2010 @ 15:52

    Initiatory art–Wow what a concept! Ever since I listened to the show on here with the “Feng Shui Lady” I think about objects differently. Art objects in particular would have the imprint of the artist’s energy in them so I would imagine to hold or behold one of John’s paintings could elicit some kind of sympathetic energetic teleportation into these worlds he has created especially since he has such a philosophical/metaphysical mindset. These paintings remind me of the Roadrunner cartoons of my childhood and yet I imagine if I magically entered into one of them I would run into Carlos Castaneda. I’m entranced, delighted and inspired. Thank you John and Kim!

  • Paul Mcguire May 22, 2011 @ 11:12

    Johns work has always been great I have not seen him in twenty years tell him i say hello

  • Carole Charlin Mar 20, 2013 @ 8:58

    I’m a friend of John’s from California and have tried to be in touch with him, but have had no luck. Very much enjoyed the show, even though I listened only now in 2013. Please send John regards from me and Jonathan Auerbach, if you can. Jonathan organized several shows for John in Los Angeles and the Brentwood Magazine article.

    Thank you for supporting his phenomenal work. He is a powerful artist whom we greatly admire.

    Best. Carole Charlin

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