John Urwin – The Sassy Assassin in Newcastle

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John Urwin

John Urwin

John Urwin is the author of The Sixteen: One Step Beyond, an action story about a man recruited into an assassination team so secret that its members were not allowed to know what it really was or who they were serving. Thinking he was getting into special forces, John Urwin found himself in a totally different training operation than he had imagined. After leaving the unit he trained people for 35 years in survival skills, map-reading, and skydiving. Recently, John Urwin decided to share his secret training and set up a highly specialized unarmed combat training protocol called The Urwin Combat System for counter-terror operations called UCS LTD, which provides training in escape and evasion, close protection, emergency medicine, and covert infiltration. He insists that this is the most powerful combat training system in the world for counterterrorism. Is John Urwin a former assassin? Was his super soldier training real? Is he a future character in a new film? Tune in and find out for yourselves.

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  • Cardillac Jul 6, 2012 @ 14:47

    I first became aware of Urwin due to Kerry Cassidy’s interview with him on ProjectCamelot- I immediately ordered his book (by the way, the valid title is: “One Step Beyond…The Sixteen”) and found his story to be riveting reading- I came to the conclusion a long time ago that reality is truly stranger than fiction so if such a “formally uneducated” man as Urwin (“formally uneducated” doesn’t mean “stoopid”- this man is anything but dumb) is making his story up, he’s a genius-

    I think the man is genuine but most would prefer to label his book as dis-info because what he has written is just to terrifying for a “sheeple” to face

    • shane Jul 8, 2012 @ 17:22

      I assume Cardillac you are john urwin, or if not you are just another ridiculous retard…..

      Urwin is a big time walter mitty, the only military service he had was in the pioneer core, back in the 50s (hen he said all his (expletive removed) happened…. all the pioneer core done was dig ditches)
      So why the (expletive removed), would aliens as he said in his interviews want to recruit a ditch digger?

      If you know anything about the military, which i know you dont, you would see that this is the worst most stupidest clap-trap that has ever been written.

      Shane: Profanity and name-calling are violations of our site policy. Consider this your one and only warning. Disrespecting other commenters does not fly here. -Admin

      • John Jul 10, 2012 @ 6:55

        You also know nothing about the military Shane or you will know the role of the Pioneer corps.
        A unit like them is ideal cover because men are mostly on detachment to other units unlike an infantry battalion were they have a specific role. You have an opinion on the book which is fine however if you have met John Urwin then you will know that his skills are real.
        Are you are Martial artist by any chance or even ex military heres your opportunity to put your skills to the test.Contact John and see for yourself and have ago at some of the simple initiative tests which was based on the training.
        If you do this then you might gain some respect. The ucs has had lots of Officers and soldiers attempting these tests and not one has succeded are you up for the challenge?

        • Cardillac Jul 12, 2012 @ 8:23

          Hi John,
          thanks for your commentary- you obviously have some inside knowledge-
          although I’m not very adept at defending myself physically I can sure do it verbally- but I refrain from commentating such on such entities (can we all spell ‘shill’?) as ‘Shane’ attacking me personally (I could care less)- it’s waaay beneath my dignity-
          if you’ve had the privilege to meet/interact with John Urwin I think that’s absolutely great!-
          many blessings to you

  • Stan Johnson Jul 10, 2012 @ 1:30

    Moderator I think you should take the post by shane off this site because of the bad language. i have trained with John andi can tell you there isnt a man that can live with him. The training is genuine and lethal. John doesnt tell you all he knows on this program, but I can tell you all that he told me has truth in it. You have to read the book to understand what was going on then and i was alive when this happened. Ive seen him take automatic weapons off people in the blink of an eye. My first meetng with him was one i will never forget. .he gave me a gun and told me to shoot him i naively tried, only to find myself flat on my back and not understanding what had happened. All I knew was that my arm felt like it had been broken in ten peices. Later on I studied journalism at university and remembered John, so i did a story on him.; John had received a lot of attention from the media but I decided to do a follow up story.John is incredible at 74 he is strong agile and very intelligent, although he is modest about his capabilities. People like Shane should should try the training if he dare, then he would understand there is nothing like it in the world.

    • Cardillac Jul 12, 2012 @ 14:48

      Hi Stan,
      thanks so very much for your commentary-
      “John is incredible at 74 he is strong agile and very intelligent”- after reading his book I highly doubt he’s “stoopid”-
      “he is modest about his capabilities”- a sign of his intelligence- braggarts are the stupid ones- it was his unpretentiousness on the Cassidy interview that made me feel he’s genuine and telling the truth-
      “John doesnt tell you all he knows on this program”- we can be sure of that (haven’t obviously done his training but have been able to read between the lines in his book)- my own life experiences have taught me that those who achieve the most in life and are the most modest about their achievements have more than one card up their sleeves-
      many blessings to you

  • pete Jul 12, 2012 @ 16:27

    @ shane, i have worked with John Urwin, i am the marketing director of an intelligence and security company, i met john before i read his book, i have met the comrades he served with in the pioneer corp, bill, who was there in the fight with the RAF lads, who helped him hide the puppies, all is true, keep an eye on his website information regarding all our safety will be available with daily updates, take this man as a fool at your peril.

  • John Rose Oct 20, 2012 @ 1:42

    John Urwin is the real thing—he wasn’t recruited because he dug ditches—the question of what morons like Shane would call a required intelligence level as a requirement for recruitment does not apply. They were looking for someone who had not been (a) brainwashed by the white noise crap from daily comics, so-called news, political criminals on the hustings etc, (b) as well as someone whose body had also not been subjected to the poisons of various substances which can have an effect on various areas of the brain. And if I am right, John never said that his recruiters, in particular, Ken was or were Aliens .Merely that Ken’s behavior was different. Having been in he military I can assure you, John’s story is quite true—-it becomes particularly apparent as so with the Jarbar Operation. He also was told by Ken about Quantum Physics—i.e. about you existing only as energy and although E=MC2 id the ‘classical’ view of matter–the quantum camp take quite a different view, John may not have known that Ken was talking quantum physics at the time, and, yes, he could have read up on it—-but i don’t think he did that. Also, n o Special Forces Unit’s Commander and his or her Boss would ask their political criminal masters to hire John and or his company if his special expertise was just digging ditches—and John has proof of this to show morons who need it.John’s activities have a co-relation to quantum physics and to another type of operation which I am not going tell you about here. Is John In danger? Yes, definitely as hos mention of Dr Kelly, Murdered, Robin Cook, Murdered- etc the list is a long one, unless that is you are a moron and have no real ‘perception.’ There are questions—but not about what John says he experienced. But about if the unit is taking out the Bilderberg Group back in 57–why not just kill them all? Numerically speaking, even counting their physical security cover, there are not that many of them? Also there is the question of energy as an ‘existence’ if all we are is energy, then why this form of existence (did the energy think for itself and create these types of beings, human as well because outside of this kind of existence it could not accomplish anything? If so, then of cousre the ‘energy’ is intelligent and it begs the question what–or who—id the energy and who or what made it? Is it really a dichotomy of consciousness and sub-consciousness and still—who or what made it if it is? The trouble for the political criminals of the world and their masters, is that a growing portion of what is called civilization is becoming aware that what so-called governments fear most—is an advanced, articulate society (and therefore the political criminaswork very hard at making sure it never comes about—an example of this would be what morons are told is ‘education’—so the political criminals constantly interfere in the system under the pretext of making it better—thus morons who read th Guardian, Times etc as well as the other Daily Comics are none the wiser and think that good is being done!!!!!) We are supposed to believe that journalists (as they call themselves) are in the pursuit (just like their political criminal masters) of truth justice and reason, but in the words of Burt Lancaster in his real life not his movies when he was told this said: “Don’t make me laugh!” It is interesting that ij the 21st Century (when those who are perceptive already know the political criminals swear) that the ‘F’ word for example is not allowed to appear in prints—-clearly the masters of the hacks are not yet aware off the growing number who are aware of their game!!! And, I am sure John Urwin is well aware that forty Presidents of the United States are related to—THE HOSUE OF WINDSOR!!! A moron might not understand the significance of this, but let me assure Shane and others, John Urwin certainly does.

    king (even counting their physical security cover) their numbers are not that great.

  • John Rose Oct 20, 2012 @ 1:47

    There are some typos, I am sorry about that but while writing the above I was doing 3 other things, hacking, creating a website and studying graphics –not I am not a genius—I wish I was. John.

  • John Rose Oct 20, 2012 @ 1:52

    , Oh yes, i was also tweaking my novel (which, yes, opens with a Bilderberg connection) and I was writing a screnplay and looking again at Lisa Radles Higs Boson (CERN) book. So in fact I was doing 6 things, not 3 as previoulsly stated—so that’s rhe reason for the tyoos in my defence of John W. Cheers. John R.

  • John Rose Oct 20, 2012 @ 1:57

    I might add, and I am sure John would agree, Moderation of comments is indicative of censorship, and is therefore proof of ‘outside’ influence on entity’s proclaiming themselves to be free and without external control!!! Cheers John I would like John W to have a copy of my untampered with comments even if the public, the citizens living in the so-called free society! Cheers John R.

    • John Rose Oct 20, 2012 @ 5:41

      I should perhaps explain to John U that my reference above about intelligence in no suggests that he is not intelligent—because, in conventional terms, he has many accomplishments which are indicative of high intelligence—-yes–he does retain a parochial accent—-with some people this is deliberate, especially if they have gravitated to higher realms of intelligence. But what I meant was—-that our intelligence may well be co-related to the vibrational (quantum physics) and frequency (quantum physics again—see super string theory and others) elements to which John, and before him. ‘Ken’ alluded to—therefore we are all, or nearly all of us, born with a deliberate lack of intelligence because of outside interference–it is only when, like,John, (and others) we encounter an increased ‘perception’ mostly through the pursuit of knowledge and or experience and we begin to question i.e. what is? And if what is, is not all there is, what is being held back from my perceptions and who or what is holding it back—morons, if they read this, should not mistake acquired knowledge from a school, College or university as acquiring intelligence—we are talking here about perception—John did mention the DNA connection (I suspect in that case all roads lead to Sumer, but that would depend on how bright you who read this really are!).Does the unit still exist?–yes—Is it still under that name? No, but another, quite similar. Does the CFR, Bilderbrgers and Committee for Foreign Relations know it exists? Yes, but they do not know ‘where’, and you can take it as read that we ‘negotiate’ as many of theirs as they do of ours. To com back to John–he is now beginning to be a bother to them. They see him coming across better than they had feared and that—-puts fear into them while they still have not concluded their Operation Off Planet. Anyway no slight on John’s intelligence was intended.

    • Site Admin Oct 20, 2012 @ 12:39

      John Rose,

      Just to explain – we instituted a moderation policy for first-time commenters only. Once a moderator has approved one of your comments, your further comments are whitelisted. This is strictly a preventive measure against spam and trolling.

  • Daniel Jan 30, 2014 @ 4:23

    Hi John. I have just read The Sixteen “One Step Beyond” I found it amazing. There is no doubt in my mind that this guy is telling the truth. I would be very interested in attending one of Johns courses. Have you any idea how much they cost. many thanks

    • Brandon Apr 18, 2023 @ 17:35

      The book makes me both happy and angry.
      I liked reading it so much, I have no doubts it’s the real deal.
      What annoys me is the parts that he omitted, how the training was done, the egg puzzle and everything else.
      Urwin said in his interview that it’s not enough to have a gun and learn to shoot since they have fear and won’t be able to use the guns. And provides no information on how an average person like me would remove fear completely.
      I read The Sixteen but I can’t find the other book One Step Beyond.
      Hope anyone can help me if you find this comment

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