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Jon Gertner

Jon Gertner

In his latest book The Idea Factory: Bell Labs and the Great Age of Innovation, Jon Gertner (NY Times Magazine, Fast Company) captures the essence of Bell Labs’ culture of innovation through the accounts of its scientists. While the landscape of modern technological history is rich with the achievements of countless brilliant minds, the staggering advances credited to Bell Labs – the research and development powerhouse behind the former American Bell Telephone Company – stand out like a skyscraper in a desert. They are responsible for the 20th century’s most innovative technologies: the integrated circuit, the communications satellite, and the cell phone. Driving nearly sixty years of outstanding technological accomplishment, Bell Labs changed life for everyone on the planet, connecting us in ways we might never have envisioned. Join us as Jon Gertner explains why researchers and business leaders idolize Bell Labs and guides us through its fascinating history, the birth of new technologies and ideas, and the business of invention. You many never look at innovation the same way again.

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