Julio Morales – Eco-Friendly Bee Removal

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Bees naturally seek out hollow spaces with the right temperature and humidity to build a hive. Whether they make their home in an old tree, a damaged roof, or the walls of a house, a bee infestation can become an emergency safety concern – as well as a financial liability to property owners. As bee populations decline due to colony collapse disorder, extermination is no longer a valid strategy for the removal of bee hives from problematic locations. In fact, extermination is ineffective and dangerous. New swarms will be attracted to the pheromones at the old hive site, and the toxins used to kill bees can end up in water supplies or elsewhere in the environment, becoming a risk to wildlife, children, and adults.

It is our responsibility as environmental stewards to protect bee populations instead of taking the barbarian’s approach. Enter Bee Green Natural Bee Removal Services, a southern California company that offers live bee removal, relocation, and preservation services, and repairs the damaged structures where they made their home. By matching competitor prices and extending discounts for first-time customers, senior citizens, military, and law enforcement personnel, Bee Green is making eco-friendly bee hive removal an affordable option for the environmentally conscious. Join us with Bee Green founder Julio Morales for an exciting segment that touches on bee hive preservation, beekeeping methods, the bee’s critical role in the food supply, and a responsible approach to addressing colony collapse disorder.

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