Kevin Richardson – The Lion Whisperer

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Kevin Richardson

Kevin Richardson

Animal behaviorist, author, and “lion whisperer” Kevin Richardson has befriended and worked with some of the most dangerous animals known to man. He sleeps with lions, cuddles newborn hyenas, and swims with lionesses. Kevin Richardson is the co-author (with Tony Park) of Part of The Pride and the producer of the breathtaking White Lion: The Movie. He has just launched a new series for National Geographic called The Lion Ranger. Join us for this delightful opportunity to talk with Kevin Richardson about his calling, his movie and television series, and life as “The Lion Whisperer“.

Original air date: September 15, 2010

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  • sebi sharma Aug 3, 2016 @ 11:18

    Hyee…kevin i m big big big fan of yours i want to work with you and your orgnaiztion.its my life bigest dream i want to do something for animal and donet my whole life only for animals.and i watch ur show u r such h great parson and i respect ur dedication of animals. I really want to work with u…

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