Kyoko Tanaka – Growing Concerns Inside Japan

Categories: Emergency & Disaster, Environment, History & World Events

Save Japan Dolphins team member Kyoko Tanaka gives us a insider’s look at the state of Japan in this interview. The chain of successive disasters that has befallen the island nation is truly heartbreaking. The earthquake that rocked the Tōhoku region on March 11th, recently upgraded from an 8.9 to a 9.0, is the fifth strongest earthquake by magnitude recorded to date. It caused a tsunami (the height of the wave has been estimated at approximately 30 feet) which pummeled Japan’s coast, triggering the current emergency situation with the Fukushima nuclear power plant and killing thousands of people. As Japan struggles to manage these crises, it can be difficult to get a clear picture of the situation from traditional media. Tokyo resident Kyoko Tanaka helps us to understand what’s happening on the ground, and learn what we can do to help!

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