Lew White – Restoring the Lost Tribes of Israel

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Lew White

Lew White is the author of Fossilized Customs and the founder of The Torah Institute. His mission is to restore the lost ancient tribes of Israel, and to promote a more accurate understanding of our Creator.

Most of us don’t understand the symbolism in spiritual actions or rituals. We don’t know how we came up with the Gregorian calender we use today. We don’t know why we attend church on Sundays, or why we celebrate certain days. We participate in rituals that we accept unconsciously, with little understanding of their meaning or origin.

Apparently, many spiritual practices in existence today have been changed. Lew White affirms that this was a deliberate attempt to bar access to our Creator. If this is true, how did it happen and why does it continue? Get ready for a journey into the ancient past, where Lew White will explain how scriptural modifications unknown to many of us have heavily influenced us to this day!

Lew White’s findings may differ greatly from what you have been taught about your religion and your Creator, and may shock or disturb you. But tune in! Let’s explore Lew’s findings together and see what we discover.

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  • Peter Knopfler Mar 28, 2010 @ 15:47

    Oh Boy where to start..Truth..Yeshua was the Rabbi of Nazareth who was a pupil of the famous Rabban of Jerusalem a Kabbalist, numeral Uno in the diasporas, Rabban Simon ben Gamaliel. Yeshua was hammered to the Roman pagan cross, and because he was a Rabbi they called him the King of the Jews. Many years later appprox.42, Rabbi Gamaliel new pupil was Saul of Tarshish Greek Jew, a very weak sick man, but wanted to be a Rabbi. On the road to Damascus, feeble Saul.now Saul inflicted by malaria went blind like many for three days. The Essene Rabbi Chananay saw over him and after this malaria halucination Saul became Paul and The dead young Rabbi of Nazareth became Jesus. Rabban Gamaliel enforced the rule all Rabbi have to get married and have children. Paul hated women and in his ahger said he was married to Yushuas mother Mary a daught of a Rabbinical family. Since then Christians have been using the rabbi on the cross to kill Jews and hide diny his rabbinical records. Another truth, Hebrew and aramiac language where each word has three meanings, one sees with body, mind and spirit. For Jews Three Rabbi to make a decision. However Greek is one word ,one thought, in translating Paul hast to leave out 2 of three perspectives. Therefore New testament, hear say, poor translation with a hidden agenda, Roman Catholics preist celibacy because Paul hated women, then later St. Agustine, them Martin Luther was a celibate for many years and finally gave in. The truth is Christians Inquisition for 400 years killing women and jews, the torch of hate is now opassed on to Islam another violent distortion of the truth. Jews 5770 calendar years and only 14 million peop[ world wide.

  • Peter Knopfler Mar 28, 2010 @ 16:13

    Me again! A good book is by Robert Wistrich, his book Lethal Obsession, lengthy but great detail. Thomas Cahill has a great series called Hinges of History, in that collection he has The Gifts of The Jews, excellent written by a Irish Catholic. Bernard Lewis no. one Islamic professor, wrote The crisis of Islam and What went wrong. Israel came from Jacob blessed by the struggle and renamed ISRAEL. My Christian name Peter Knopfler, my Jewish name is Yeuda Ben Israel, and were both the same person. When Saul of Tarshish instigating the stoning to death of the old Rabbi Estaphan of Galilee, for pronouncing, Yeshua the savior. Rabbi Istephan uttered Lord, forgive them, for they know not what they do!! Saul whitnessed this, he never got over the guilt. 2000 years of hiding christian truth 1400 years of hiding Muslim truth, and yet together 2.3 billion people, that came from Abraham, a Jew, Hebrew, a MAN! Are we not all children from same father. Thank you

  • Rebecca Hanna Aug 6, 2010 @ 10:59

    Very deep stuff. I am definitely going to read the book. I already knew some of this information from my own research but wow there is so much that I hadn’t considered.
    I really have to acknowledge Kim Greenhouse and Lew White for having the courage to discuss such a controversial subject. I’m impressed and inspired. It is discussions like this that allow really important questions to arise within our individual hearts. This interview was a catalyst for the refinement of my own belief system, which I have found to be an on going process. Great Show!

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