Mark and Marie Stafford – Flying High With Parrots International

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Mark and Marie Stafford

Mark and Marie Stafford

Mark and Marie Stafford are the founders of Parrots International. They work with a team of volunteers to enable the conservation of endangered parrot species and to improve the welfare of domesticated and wild parrots alike. They are committed to “remaining non-partisan, above ‘eco-politics’, and working cooperatively with other conservation organizations for the maximum benefit of the birds”.

The Parrots International website has:

  • The largest collection of photos and videos of wild New World Parrots — macaws, amazons and conures — from Central America, South America and the Caribbean. The photographs and videos contained within the Parrots International website represent some of the foremost images of wild parrots foraging, flying, playing, tending their nests, and demonstrating normal wild behavior.
  • The latest information regarding their status in the wild, conservation strategies, and current research and field projects.
  • The largest collection on the web of parrot-related publication and literature citations.
  • Information about the Parrots International Symposium — the annual parrot conservation convention, dedicated to the exchange of ideas and knowledge regarding wild and domestically raised companion parrots.

Join us as we talk with Mark and Marie Stafford about their commitment to parrots, and what Parrots International have accomplished so far.

Original air date: 2/3/2011

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  • Anju Sandhu Feb 5, 2011 @ 8:14

    The genuine love, caring and respect that Dr and Mrs Stafford show daily for their extended family of stunningly gorgeous and magnificent parrots that live in their spotless home is beyond exemplary. My visit to their home last week left me in awe – never have I seen such devotion (unconditional love?) for any of Earth’s inhabitants by two professional committed humans who are so selfless and giving. Their brightly colored parrots were so healthy, lively and playful, that you’d never know they were living in captivity. Kudos to Marie and Mark!!

    • Kim Greenhouse Feb 5, 2011 @ 10:38

      Hi Anju,

      Thank you for listening to the show and we appreciate your share very much.
      We are so excited about their work too. Now we want to go to their
      home like you. Birds are all of our extended family and whatever we can do
      to make that so with you all around the world, we’re in!
      It’s Rainmaking Time!

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