Mary Tocco – What’s In Your Vaccines?

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Mary Tocco

Mary Tocco

Vaccination is such a standard cultural practice that the general public rarely questions its effectiveness, its safety, or the paradigm upon which it is based. Vaccine educator Mary Tocco joins us to call attention to this potentially dangerous oversight and provide the context in which vaccine theory exists. You may be surprised to learn that vaccine theory is based on an outdated medical model that viewed the immune system separately from the body. From this perspective, only the immune system would respond to the vaccine and its components (i.e. adjuvants). Although immunologists today know that this is incorrect, vaccination continues, spurred by pro-vaccination advocates like Bill Gates and backed by a powerful pharmaceutical industry.

Mary Tocco is an independent researcher dedicated to educating parents about the risks of vaccination. Since 1994, she has been the Director of Vaccine Research and Education for vaccination watchdog group Michigan Opposing Mandatory Vaccines (MOM), a recognized vaccine expert, and a highly-sought public speaker. A board member of the World Association of Vaccine Information (WAVE), Mary Tocco is also the co-founder of the American Chiropractic Autism Board (ACAB) and the host of the Republic Broadcasting Network radio show Healing Our World. Don’t miss this important opportunity to question long-held assumptions about vaccination!

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  • Robert Mar 21, 2011 @ 15:29

    You don’t want to know the problems I have with my wife who is a medical doctor. She is of the old school and does not see the things like I do. She still trusts the system. Just 2 years ago we changed the toothpaste we use for the one without fluoride. Last year I was able to win the fight about the flu vaccination . But not because of me but because other doctors she trusts told her the same things I did. But it’s what your guest said, step by step. But it’s difficult to fight the system. One way I fight the system is by not using credit cards. I also grow my own tomatoes ,patatoes, oranges etc. But I believe that is now forbidden in your country.

    (link removed)

  • Lowell Mar 29, 2011 @ 14:58

    At the current time it is inadvisable to click the link above, as it appears to have been hacked.

    Robert, that is a clear testiment to the brainwashing they have received, to the point nothing is enough to get these people to think for themselves, and even use basic common sense. The mind refuses to believe they have been that mislead. Simple as that. Keep fighting for truth!

  • Lowell Mar 29, 2011 @ 15:00

    Correction, the link Robert provided. Which again goes to show just how desperate the powers that be are, to silence the truth.

    Hack THAT!

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