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Melinda Joy Miller

Melinda Joy Miller

Thousands of years have demonstrated the profound difference between personal and sacred space. Sacred space is unlike any personally valued and protected space. Although the two are similar, they are dimensionally different and affect people, families, and communities very differently. We have all walked into homes, places of business, hotels, restaurants, or outdoor garden areas and felt something special about that place. All places have an atmospheric texture and energy, which emanates unique vibrations about them – just like people do. This explains why the ancient peoples prayed, meditated, and conducted ceremonies on certain types of land during certain times and seasons. There is something of great value and wisdom here.

Join us with Melinda Joy Miller, a marvelous teacher and one of the most prominent stewards in this area of specialty, to share with us her many years of experience on the most important aspects of bringing sacred space into our living environments, communities, and workplaces, and the positive effect sacred space has on our lives and the lives of those around us.

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