Michael Connelly – What’s In The New Health Care Bill?

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Michael Connelly

Michael Connelly

Constitutional lawyer Michael Connelly joins us to share his expert legal account of the health care bill (which passed in Congress on March 22, 2010) after going through the entire bill with a fine tooth comb. I tried to get him on the same week the bill passed, but he was deluged with media requests!

MIchael Connelly comes at just the right time to tell us what the bill does on a number of fronts, to explain the legal implications of this bill and its impact on the Constitution, and to shed light on the nature of medical care we will now be mandated to buy. Perhaps most importantly, we discuss how the bill will be enforced.

I know few people who have read the health care bill, and those that have required extensive legal council to translate it into layman’s terms. Since most of us will never read it, and others won’t be willing or able to pay the necessary legal fees to have it read by a Constitutional lawyer, Michael Connelly’s gracious assessment of the bill is of critical importance to the public.

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  • David Barrow Apr 7, 2010 @ 18:55

    The Federal Bankruptcy reentered during Bill Clinton’s Presidency to last for 70yrs put us under the Vise Admiralty Law Because the contract of Bankruptcy cannot be under the Constitution. That is why They Dreamed Up the Strawman that everyone having a social security number has. Find out about that and you will be amazed!

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