Mother’s Day 2022 – A Storytelling Extravaganza

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For the first time since Kim has been hosting and producing It’s Rainmaking Time! after 410 segments, focused on the most exciting and important breakthroughs and discoveries in just about every field of endeavor and import, she departs from her joint roles as the producer and host of It’s Rainmaking Time! and the CEO of The Rainmaking Company, in order to bring you one of her most secret gifts, Storytelling.

Kim’s father, Lloyd Greenhouse, formally Vice President of The Gary Steel Company, was known for being a Master Storyteller and Master of Ceremony on many occasions throughout his life and for the first time, Kim’s sharing one of her most developed crafts including personal details about her highly spirited mother and family.

Not only does she share real life tales about her mother that are heartfelt, but also, why on earth the cab company was so scared of her mother; what her mother did to get her father to marry her, what went on in the Greenhouse home when Kim’s father would leave the house to play golf on the weekends, how her mother dealt with the fact that her daughter Kim was ushered right into the principal’s office for throwing a girl on her head.

Not only does Kim let it rip for 30 minutes after a 5 -minute warm up, she reveals some very personal insights and unusually humorous observations about her mother’s wishes once in the casket, how she opened a storytelling event in California with her mother who had Alzheimer’s at the end of her life and special features about how her mother’s dog Candy got in on all the action.

Don’t miss this event honoring Kim’s mother and all mothers.


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  • Jack Stackhouse May 20, 2022 @ 22:34

    it’s RainMakingTime alright! Kim, your knack for storytelling is so very touching and sincere, my eyes welled with tears. TY for this gift of personal transparency. the bold way you unabashedly peeled back the veneer of the walls throughout your home, through the many stages of life, the quirks and quips of your family dynamic landed smack on my heart. We all have a mother and we all shared a family life but we don’t all cherish it with the same humanity. TY for reminding us of the value of intimacy within our familial relationships and the fleeting impermanence of time.

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