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M.T. Keshe

MT Keshe

MT Keshe, the founder of the Keshe Foundation, joins us to share his expertise, insights, and experience as a nuclear engineer and pioneer of what appears to have the attention of DARPA, the Navy, and many other agencies and countries around the world. MT Keshe is the author of The Structure of the Light and The Universal Order of Creation of Matters. MT Keshe holds nothing back when it comes to sharing how extensively he has traveled to bring his systems into existence and who he has approached to bring his new discoveries to the world. This segment is bound to turn the lights on to what’s available right now for this generation.

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  • soundwash Jun 8, 2011 @ 21:02

    great interview kim.

    exciting stuff… this type of tech has been around since the 50’s.

    it seems since around 2005.. the whole “kill the energy messenger / inventer has been stopped. -and many are allowed to freely talk about the “new electrics” without fear for life..

    -very soon it will all flood the markets. (+/- 2yrs) -soon as the last of the Cabal is nullified..

    look up stan deyo for power units he has developed that are of similar type of tech.. almost ready for deployment. -he’s very approachable and has a good sense of humour

    once you understand how deep the meaning of the plasma/electric universe model effects all things.. it all becomes very simple to understand what Keshe speaks about..

    (ie: re-review wal thornhill interview)

    btw: the simplicity of how to nullify or shield against radiation (and gravity) becomes academic as well..

    if you want to still observe the radiation clouds, NILO (the Norwegians) have accidentally left their map folder open..

    look at the tracer_h _xxx maps. sort by dates -the VO maps are volcanic maps (recent iceland eruption)

    keep up the great work!

  • soundwash Jun 8, 2011 @ 21:40

    ps.. i’m 47 with only an “official” 9th grade education.. you need only *want* to understand to grasp how simple -everything is.. esp in the bioelecrtric medicine… (i use some of this tech myself)

    his medicine he speaks of is similar to restoring or exposing your body to it’s prior, healthy, “holographic” energy matrix, -similar concept.

    simple stuff..once you understand 🙂


    • Glyins mCIntyre Dec 21, 2011 @ 0:32

      Dark matter is the Unmanifested …Manifested it is Light …from The Principle Matter ..The Source …So simple and so beautiful to Behold !
      Good luck with it All !

      • Melike Jan 2, 2013 @ 22:56

        Do web searches on co-fuels or coufel fired steam plants. A number of cities around the world use them for steam production for their central steam heat facilities and for electricity generation. Many utilize windfall and dead fall trees.All it really means is that things like shredded tires and coal for example, or trash and coal, or trash and natural gas. Many things moss peat can be burned along with coal or instead of coal to produce heat.Anyone who supports nuclear is mal informed about nuclear and those companies promoting it. It leaves a legacy that will last longer than the sun, and it is an energy source that the global society has outgrown as it has matured, just as you outgrew your doctor dentons as you matured. Nuclear drinking water is a real possibility because so much is stored along rivers that supply or feed into rivers that supply drinking water to over half the US population. And they will be contaminated because dry cask storage was a short term fix that has become long term- they leak or now, or soon will.Nuclear gives new meaning to a beaming smile

  • Vladimir Mar 11, 2013 @ 5:15

    It is now almost two years since this interview. It has been used on YouTube clips and Keshe Foundation programmes.

    Isn’t it time for an update, Kim?

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